Eva Longoria........Yes or No?


Nov 3, 2005
I think she's hot, so pretty. But not everyone agrees....what do you think?
She's so pretty ! And she's tiny, which goes to show that you don't have to be super model tall to be competitive in showbiz !
Yeah, she does have a hot body and there's nothing fake about her......if you know what i'm saying....at least she didn't have to purchase her body parts like the rest of hollywood. it's nice for a change to see that in a celebrity.
Great body - OK face - the makeup artists have done a lot with her for "Desperate Housewives" Wouldn't be surprised if she had some very minor adjustments made to her face - she wasn't that pretty in pre-TV stardom days.
Go Gabrielle! I think Eva is really pretty, she always has been since she won Miss Corpus Christi not too long ago...I love her character on Desperate Housewives, so very hilarious & I love her cheek bones and smile.
I think I would have to agree with alice above...she is pretty, but WAY overrated. GIve it a little time... her show is not as popular anymore, the storyline is ridiculous and before you know it she won't be focused on as much anymore. SHe needs to reinvent herself...find her way in other avenues in entertainment.