Eva Longoria Turns 32

  1. Friends and party-goers look on with mild concern etched into their faces, as Eva Longoria wields a sharp, rather dangerous-looking, knife at a birthday bash in Los Angeles.

    With the size of that cake though, the lovely Longoria shouldn't have too much trouble hitting the target.

    The party, was held by Cosmopolitan and Bebe to celebrate Eva becoming the new face of Bebe Sport, at the Skybar in LA's Mondrian hotel.
  2. hahaha, WHOA! Her friends definitly seem concerned back there...
  3. She's sooo cute!
    Happy Birthday Eva!:flowers:
    eva-longoria-birthday-party.jpg eva-longoria-birthday-party2.jpg
  4. Happy b-day!!! :biggrin:
  5. ahhh Happy Birthday, perhaps now that she has turned 32 she will stop dressing like a 7 year old :biggrin:

  6. [​IMG]
  7. her dress is cute, its very "Birthday" :yes:
  8. She looks AMAZING! Happy birthday to her!
  9. OMG We're the same age?

    Am I that old?

    I think I'm having a mid-life crisis :wtf:
  10. She looks so cute :smile:!Happy Birthday to her.
  11. she looks great!!!
  12. What kind of dress is that!!! She looks great!
  13. That's a Bebe dress. I love that dress...
  14. I lOve her as the face of Bebe!! those ads are hot! and she looks amazing in the clothes
  15. She looks so gorgeous with that dress and those CL shoes. Happy Bday to her!