Eva Longoria, Tony Parker to Have His-and-Her Bachelor Party

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    A week before their July 7 wedding in France, Eva Longoria and Tony Parker are planning a his-and-her bachelor party in Saint-Tropez, sources tell PEOPLE.

    The couple will arrive in the French resort town on June 30, where the party will be held at the exclusive V.I.P. Room for guests including Jamie Foxx and Parker's brothers, T.J. and Pierre.

    "The plan," one of the club organizers tells PEOPLE, "is for his friends to have one-half of the club and Eva's party to be on the other side."

    The evening's entertainment will include performances by hip-hop artists Cut Killer and MC Big Ali from New York City, as well as a DJ session by club owner Jean Roch.

    Parker, who has a hit rap record in France, "Balance-toi" (see the video
    here) and who will be headlining a rap concert in Marseilles on June 29, will also likely take the mic during the night, a friend of his tells PEOPLE.

    A rep for Longoria had no comment about the party.

    Parker and Longoria are expected to spend one or two days in Saint-Tropez after the bachelor-party weekend before heading to Paris – and the altar.

    "Eva arranged all the wedding details," the Parker pal says. "But Tony has had the idea of having a bachelor party in St. Tropez for a very long time. He first started talking about it last fall."

    Parker told reporters on Thursday that, while he was in charge of food and music for the big event, his fiancée selected the location of the wedding – a
    17th-century castle south of Paris. "I don't care where I'm going to get married," he said, according to the Associated Press. "It's a girls' thing."
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  5. I am sry the pictures are coming out to large,
  6. I think a his and her bachelor party is cool. And Eva looks great. She's such a tiny little thing.
  7. His and Her bachelor parties? LOL...I dont think I could share mine since I would not want my hubby-to-be to see dong dongs shaking in my face!! LOL

    good for them though!
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    With less than a week to her wedding, Eva Longoria gathered with her gal pals to celebrate her last few days of freedom at her bachelorette party at trendy nightclub Les Caves Du Roy in St Tropez. The 32 year old looked hot in a lemon dress and super high heels. The next day Eva chilled with a friend on a beach and looked even prettier than she did the day before. It would seem that Eva’s wedding workout plan did wonders for her body. According to her trainer, Patrick Murphy:“She wants to look strong. She wants her posture to be really nice…She wants her arms to look great.” I’d say that Eva achieved this and a lot more judging by how she looked in that blue bikini.
  9. They both look very happy together..good for them! :heart:
  10. OK I'll say what's been on my mind about these two...is it just me or is something a little off between them? She's always seemed to be way more into him than he is into her. Or maybe he just has a more stoic-ness about him, I dunno.

    But hey, who am I to say anything? I don't know them. They just look smashing! I wish them all the happiness in the world and I love the his & hers party idea!!!
  11. He is so hot!!!!