Eva Longoria @ The Laureus Awards In Barcelona

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  3. BARCELONA, SPAIN - APRIL 02: Boxing brothers Vladimir (L) and Vitali Klitschko stand with actress Eva Longoria during the Laureus Sports Awards at the Palau Sant Jordi on April 2, 2007 in Barcelona, Spain.

  4. love her...love her dress....i am iffy on the hair though.

    thanks prada for the pics!

    EDIT: Oh my those men are big and she is tiny!
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  6. LOVE the pic with Klitschko brothers!!!:nuts: I'd met them both and they are REALLY TALL!!!:wacko: (I think 6'7") Eva looks cute!:love:
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  9. She looks very gorgeous!
  10. She looks great. Love her dress and her hair.
  11. her hair always looks good!
  12. Love the dress. Stunning!!
  13. I live her!She looks so pretty!
  14. That dress is gorgeous!!!
  15. She is STUNNING!!!