Eva Longoria Shopping In Paris

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    A woman on a misson as Eva paraded the shops in Paris to prepare for her wedding with Pamela Firestone, the mother of Tony Parker. Dressed head to toe in black and armed with her mobile phone, Eva attacked several shops with her credit card including names such as Gerard Darel, Prada and Gucci.
    Then later with Pamela, she visited the church of Saint-Germain l’Auxerrois located in Place du Louvre, the center of Paris. As the date looms closer (7th July) many people will be asking will it be a closed off affair like Tom and Katie’s wedding, who also married in a eurpoean city and dissapointed the local resisdents by not giving them a peek at the big day.
  3. ouuhh I really like her silver bag! Do you guys know what it is?
  4. Her bag looks like Gerard Darrel.
  5. She looks good!:love:
  6. She looks great, the bag is fab!
  7. nice bag!
  8. The outfit is fabulous and she looks flawless without makeup.
  9. I love that juicy hat. Anyone know where I can get one?
  10. Looking great! OMG she looks like VB, dont 'cha think (pre-VB's new 'do)?

    thanks for the fabulous pics!!
  11. she is a stunning looking girl :smile:
  12. omg her boots are killer! I would fall after like 10 minutes in those things. Her whole outfit is fab, very european chic.
  13. She always gives me the impression of trying too hard... In this case trying to exude "french chic". Still, better than most days.
  14. Oh she looks great, lucky girl shopping in Paris!
  15. Her boots are right up my alley.