Eva Longoria needs a Waxing

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  1. Its the threads. Give the girl a break, she is trying to be a good girlfriend, supporting her man. I love that, she is super cute.
  2. I don't like Eva Longoria! In every interview that I've seen/read with her, she seems really conceited.
  3. I don't think she's "hot" but in interviews I've thought she was cute. I love celebs that laugh and smile a lot, and she's definitely one!
  4. For sure
  5. LOL..I just read that she is a supporter of the Brazilian..perhaps she is just a weeeeee bit overdue for hers?? GROSS MAN just GROSS!
  6. I totally agree with you here-I used to like her but she likes herself just a bit too much..makes her tres unattractive!
  7. She should fire her stylist !!
  8. If you don't mention, I will definitely not notice that~~
  9. :lol: yeah threads...
  10. Lazy, I think you are exactly right!! good thinking!
  11. I agree! Whats going on with the gathered sleeves on her shirt? I'm sure Rachael Zoe is still accepting clients.....

    .......Did anyone see her at the MTV awards last fall in the bathing suit? Looking a little furry, um, "there"

  12. ^^^^^ That's exactly what I noticed when I was watching the MTV awards...
  13. nice work lazyshopper!

    those are some super lowrise jeans
  14. does no one else notice the boy to the left?? haha he's cracking me up!
  15. a lot of body hair is the curse of dark haired girls even if it was just the thread on this pic. I'm dark haired as well and without the typical hygienic procedure I look like a bloody chimp from "Planet of the Apes"
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