Eva Longoria needs a Waxing

  1. [​IMG]

    Umm.. didn't someone once ask her if she shaved and she said she got brazilian waxes? Or did I make that up? Either way, the pants are too low or the pubes are too high :sick:
  2. Hhahaa.. oh gross. I hope that's a photoshop and not a real photo !
  3. nasty, thought maybe it was a tattoo instead, but guess not. lol.

    I wonder if that's real?
  5. um..am i the only one who doesnt see the pic? LOL..eventhough that sounds a lil wierd that i am asking to see what may or may not be exposed pubes...LOL
  6. I fell off my chair!! Plus she needs a nude bra. I think I'm the only one, but I just don't think she's as gorgeous as so many make her out to be.
  7. Maybe her jeans are just fraying in that spot? No? Either way ... EEEEEWWWWW!!! *LOL*
  8. That looks like a photoshopped picture to me. I usually don't believe crap like this unless there are 5+ consecutive photos from the same photographer showing the same "item in question."
  9. LOL I so hope it is real, i'm definately one of those people that gets pleasure out of stuff like this. how nasty!!
  10. The guy on the left is making weird faces . . . maybe he noticed too!
  11. That is sooo NASTY!
  12. I don't see the pic either?!:weird:
  13. ^^ Do you not see what we are referring to or the pic at all? Try shift F5 to reload the site maybe??
  14. Ewwww gross! Rofl

    Eva get to the waxers!!
  15. :blink::blink::blink::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::Push: