Eva Longoria, Jennifer Lopez and Jenny McCarthy - Mayweather v De La Hoya Box Match

  1. The celebs all came out last night at The MGM Grand, Las Vegas to watch the much anticipated match between Floyd Mayweather and Oscar De La Hoya.
    Amongst them was Leo De Caprio, Tobey Mc Guire, Jack Nicholson, Micheal Jordan, Tiger Woods, Roger Federer, Robert De Niro, Al Pachino, Mario Lopez and many more.
    Jennifer Lopez looked stunning as usual in a beautiful Roberto Cavalli gown.
    I watched the fight and it was fabulous, I loved every second of it!

    Eva Longoria
    Jennifer Lopez
    Jenny McCarthy
  2. Great pics! Thanks, Rose!

    Am I the only one freaked out by Jim's look?!:shocked:
  3. Jim Carrey looks really happy. Good for him.
  4. No.. you are not alone. He needs to become aquainted with scissors. :p
  5. Thanks for the pics Rose!
    They all look great!
  6. great pics! they are all dolled up for the big fight! they look great!
  7. Jim does look happy and I love him so I'm happy!
    But I think he's lost a lot of weight, he has a strange look lately IMO.
  8. Thanks for sharing the pics!!!
  9. OMG Jennifer's top is SOOO fabulous! I would LOVE to own that! Anyone know who made it!?!
  10. Thanks for the pics, I think Eva looks so gorgeous