Eva Longoria >It's Six A clock In The Morning For God sakes !!

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  1. [​IMG]THIS is what Eva Longoria showed up in for a taping Monday on Good Morning America. She was there to tape a cooking segment to promote the new cookbook
    The shorts. The leggings. The shoes. The sunglasses at 6 a.m.. THIS is what can happen when a celebrity dresses herself. I'm sure her stylist said "Hell No!" to waking up at 5.
  2. :yes:
  3. THIS is what can happen when a celebrity dresses herself


    Oh my lawrd...no matter what happen I don't think I will ever come up with that outfit..
  4. Maybe they'll give her something to wear on the show?
  5. Wow :yucky:
  6. How could she possibly look in the mirror and think 'damn i look hot today'?
  7. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
    Maybe she did. That would be so sad.:sad:
  8. :shocked:
  9. How can such a great-looking woman mess it up so badly!!?? Those leggings will give me nightmares!:weird:
  10. That's what happens when celebrities start dressing themselves. They have no brains. They need someone to physically put their clothes out for them. That poor woman!
  11. Oy!
  12. wow.

    that just tells you

    you can buy style.
  13. ahhhh..
  14. seriously? LOL
  15. :yucky: