Eva Longoria In The Colour Purple !

  1. [​IMG]
    Eva Longoria left Ken Paves' salon last night sporting slightly darker hair and looking flawless in this purple strapless number and platform peep-toe Christian Louboutins.


  2. That color is gorgeous. That Ken Paves is one lucky guy having all these A-listers as his clients!
  3. She looks beautiful! I wonder where she was going.
  4. This was my face after reading the headline :wtf: until I realised you didn't mean some adaptation of the Alice Walker novel. haha
  5. ROFL Danica! Me Too!
  6. Hahaha! I'm glad I wasn't the only one.
  7. That woman is incapable of not looking glamourous :P She's a natural beauty, and that purple dress is gorgeous on her!

    - ÄiÐêN :smile:
  8. I love it. She looks Fab.
  9. Very pretty!!! :heart:
  10. She looks divine in that dress!
  11. She is so gorgeous!
  12. Prada when I read the heading, I thought you were talking about the musical :yes: She always looks stunning!
  13. Love her new hair color. She looks gorgeous in that dress!
  14. i love her dress and she looks fabulous.
  15. i thought that it was the musical too. hahaha! anyways, she look great as usual!