Eva Longoria And Her Bag

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    How many snakes had to die for this bag? :mad:
  2. I like her bag it looks huge on her though.
  3. She's always stunning..but man that bag is bigger than her!
  4. I like that bag.
  5. She looks great! But not my kind of bag, but I do agree it super gigantic on her!
  6. that bag is huge
  7. Huge!
  8. gerard darel?
  9. Nevermind the bag, her watch is amazing.
  10. GD lovers: is that the "36" or the "48"? It's definitely not the 24 - much bigger!
  11. Wow, love the bag AND watch! She's such a teeny little thing...she could probably curl up and take a nap in that bag, LOL! Great pics!
  12. She looks stunning... as always!
  13. Wow loooooove the bag, ive been trying to get a gerard darel bag but with no luck :confused1:
  14. what is the watch?
  15. What does one carry in a bag that size???? I like "big" bags well enough, but that one is too big to carry on an airplane! :p It is pretty, though; shame its not 1/4 of that size!