Eva in Damier?

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  1. Will they be coming out with an Eva in Damier? Thanks
  2. they did last year. i believe it was called the sophie and it was a limited item.
  3. ^they also had a mono sophie that was LE

    I reaaally hope they come out with a damier Eva, maybe if this bag will sell a lot they will come with one
    but i guess not soon (same with the neverfull, the damier is still not here!)

    but i'm no expert and i am not a LV spy so i hope somebody has a better answer to your question ;)
  4. I would love an EVa in Damier...
  5. Yes the Sophie looks like the Eva.
  6. OOh me too.. I would love to have one in Damier. . even in MOno I still want to have one.. it's soo prettyy
  7. ah....I am still sore I never managed to get a sophie =(
  8. ^me too :sad: