Eva Green @ "Writing Time" Robert Wilson's watch launch gala in Geneva

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  1. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. whoa, love the necklace!

    Is it just the lighting or does she have grey hair???
  3. Don't like her make-up and her outfit.
  4. Knee boots and a cocktail dress? :tdown:
  5. Those boots are great !
  6. I find her very stunning.
  7. I like the dress and the boots just not together.
  8. i think she looks great!
  9. She was drop dead gorgeous in Casino Royale. She can pull off being pale I think.
  10. Love Eva! Not sure if those boots(although great ones) match with the dress. I think she has some make-up/powder on her hair closer to the face. And she's not a natural brunette.
  11. I think her boots/cocktail dress combo actually works here. I love the long necklace in back, too. She's gorgeous! She's normally a fashion disaster so it's nice to see her looking so great here.
  12. i think she is SO gorgeous! Just stunning.

    She's not a natural brunette??
  13. she is ,not doubt, a very beautiful woman, and a good actress too, but she does so bad things to her hair!.
    anyone remember her hair on BAFTAS last year???:yucky:
  14. oh man her face is perfect! I actually like the outfit, she's always been a little "out there" so it's very her.