Eva, From ANTM, What Do You Think Of Her Look ?

  1. [​IMG][​IMG]

    She looks very different with all that hair.
  2. She looks good! Though at first, I am not sure how comfortable she is in that dress. It looks a tad too long for her. But her second pose shows her playful nature. Baby's got Back! LOL!
  3. Wow! She's a gorgeous girl! That's a whole lot of hair though. lol
  4. I dont like the dress at all.
  5. Her hair reminds me of Medusa. I'm indifferent on the dress... I don't think I remember an Eva though.
  6. Fab-U-Less
  7. she needs some lotion on her elbows but she has a pretty face.
  8. She is definitely a gorgeous woman, but that hair really doesn't suit her, she has had much more flattering and stylish hairstyles in the past.
  9. She looks amazing but i'm not in love with her hair.
  10. nothing is working for me here
  11. That hair looks like Predator and the dress looks like it's too big for her...
  12. whoppi hair.
  13. Pretty girl...just not digging the hair in the front..nor the dress.
  14. She is beautiful but i agree with others her styling is off
  15. My husband tells me I look like Medusa when I wake up every morning!!!

    But for real, she looks GREAT!! Not a fan of the dress, but she is beautiful!