Eva - discontinued !?!

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  1. I went into my LV Boutique tonight and was looking at the Eva, felicie and Pallas clutch - I was shopping with the manager who told me the Pallas was replacing the Eva, it was discontinued. I asked when it was being discontinued and she said "it already is, when the stock is gone it is gone".

    Forgive me if this was already known information, but I had no idea!!
  2. That's terrible. I like the Eva, I have the Mono and the Azur. I love the longer strap since the Favorite and the Pallas Clutch has the shorter strap and looks weird on me. Now I have to get the DE before they are all gone.
  3. I'm surprised, I thought the Eva was quite popular. Maybe they are coming out with a new model?

  4. She said the Pallas was the replacement for it? Weird eh?
  5. well then what replaces the eva in the damier prints?
  6. It's available in all 3 prints online in Australia
  7. I don't know about this. I just bought an Eva on Thursday with a very recent date code. All 3 are still available on the U.S. site.
  8. They're all available on the UK site.
  9. I agree with everybody in feeling sceptical about this, but why would a manager of a store tell me that? That makes me confused.. Was she just trying to secure the sale...? I feel dumb
  10. I'm going to LV today and I will
    also ask.
  11. Please don't feel dumb!!! You are only passing on what the manager told you. There's often confusion about which bags are being discontinued and sometimes different SA's give conflicting information, I see these things discussed quite regularly on TPF. We are all here to help each other and to share our experiences and knowledge, please don't ever feel like you're dumb :smile:

  12. Perfect thank you
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  13. Thanks for saying that you are right :smile:
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  14. Please do update with the answer Elise
  15. Is the strap on Eva longer than strap on Alma BB?