Eva clutch was too long for me. I'm 5'0". Will the Favorite mm work better?

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  1. Hi! This is my first time posting! I purchased a pre-loved eva clutch online, and it is way too long on me even as a crossbody. It falls below my hip, and I don't like the way that looks especially for such a small bag. I ended up selling it. Now I'm thinking of getting a Favorite mm. (I want it to be a little bigger than the eva). Do you think it will suit me better? Any other 5 footers out there with mod shots with their Favorite mm? The LV store is far from me. TIA!
  2. Hi I'm 5'0 also and the eva was too long for me as well. I ended up getting the favorite pm since i didn't need a larger bag. the favorite mm should work perfect for you!
  3. Hi! I'm also 5'0 and yes the original strap for Eva is too long. I was able to purchase the favorite strap as a spare part and I'm using that instead. Perfect length now.
  4. Thanks! I might end up getting the eva again after I get my favorite so I can use its strap! Thanks so much! Best place to find LV related answers!
  5. Okay sounds like the favorite is good for petite girls then! Thanks for your reply! I couldn't find answers anywhere else. This forum rocks! Can't wait to get the Favorite now!
  6. Yes! But try it at the store if you can. I love the favorite mm a lot more than the Eva clutch. The only con would be the zipper closure versus magnetic.
  7. I'm 5'1. The Eva did not work for me either so I went for the Favorite mm. It should work for you too :smile:. You might want to check the clubhouse for mod shots.
  8. I planned to buy the eva but ended up buying the favorite pm in DE...the favorite looks more worth the money than the eva though I didnt like the leather strap of the favorite which is unlike the eva that has 2 hooks on the end. I told the SA not to remove the strap because it seem difficult to put back..i didnt like too how the evas strap is attached to the zipper part..doesnt look secure..
  9. I am 5 foot 2 and I feel like eva is too long for me. I would love to have a shorter strap for eva. It is too long.
  10. I'm 5'0 also and the eva was too long for me so i purchased the favorite pm and couldn't be happier!
  11. Hi! I've bought an Eva in monogram And then i've sold the strap included and bought a new one in monogram 1.6mm from boutique . I love it and I fell it more comfortable !
  12. Hi! I've changed the Eva strap ( in my case because I don't like too much vacchetta ) with a monogram strap and I'm really happy of my choice ! I post a picture

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