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  1. Back in April when all the news broke regarding Eva Pochette/Clutch being discontinued I decided to put an order for a new DE

    While I was at the LV store last weekend to pick up my birthday surprise (https://forum.purseblog.com/threads/surprise-birthday-reveal.966551/), my SA informed me that she probably would not be able to get me one, since this item has been discontinued

    To my surprise I got a message from my SA that the bag had arrived, interesting enough it had a date code of MB3176 , but its a DA which I already have.

    I bought the bag anyway and now I don't know what to do with my second EVA Pochette/Clutch DA.
    IMG_1902.JPG IMG_1903.JPG IMG_1904.JPG IMG_1901.JPG
  2. Very pretty. I vote you Keep the new and sell the older one. You really don't need two.
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  3. i'm sure there are a lot of ladies on here that would love the eva, it'll be an easy sell. keep the new and sell the slightly older one.
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  4. I would sell one of them - if you like the darker patina on your old one and maybe it has sentimental value for you, I would sell the new one. Otherwise I would keep the new one and sell your old bag
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  5. If you don't have sentimental value attached to your older Eva, and you're open to the idea, then you could always sell/consign it with a company such as YC or Fashionphile and use that credit towards a gently pre-loved DE version.
  6. Sell the older one and let the buyer know that the metal plate can be replaced. LV told me that they keep all the parts/hardware/etc for discontinued bags for 10 years.
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  7. If you really LOVE Eva that much you can keep the new one as back up if not can you still return for full refund or store credit?
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    I think I will sell my older one!

    I'm so sad that I did not get the DE.
  9. Why would you buy it if you had one already? :confused1: I would have just told the SA you wanted DE and left it for someone else, as it would probably sell quickly. Your current eva looks nice. I would return the new one. You will take a loss on your old eva, thus making this new eva even more expensive.

    No offense, but it really doesn't make much sense to me. I know we are enablers, but your current bag is not damaged, so you don't "need" a new one.
  10. Thanks for the idea.
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  11. I still can return my new bag but since I saw the nice light vachetta I will try to sell my old one.
  12. Well I could return it but since I saw the new vachetta I'll try to sell my old one and treat the new one so it doesn't patina so fast and I will keep it as a collectible piece.

    Thanks for your input.
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  13. I will probably sell my older Eva and maybe I get me a DE favorite since I don't like pre loved items...

    I really like the look of the new vachetta and I will keep this one as a collectible piece.
  14. How old is your current eva? The patina is even and not dark at all. I'm sure you realize the new one will eventually look just like your current one--unless you keep it in a box and never use it. But it appears you want a new bag and it's your money and your choice so enjoy!
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  15. i have heard/seen that leather shops can treat leather straps so that they won't patina and will remain the same lightness as when purchased. i am not sure what the technique is called, but many of my friends are having it done at leather shops on their brand new LV items. i guess i'll have to wait and see how their bags eventually look, but there is (apparently) a way to stop patina on the original LV leather strap. i like a dark patina, personally.
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