Eva Clutch or St Germain BB

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  1. Hello I know these two bags are so different. obviously the St Germain is more gorgeous but I keep going back and forth. I need a bag that has a plate because I think it looks beautiful for night time use. I also wanted a bag that would be nice for vacations as a crossbody. Compact in size and easy to travel with.

    I have actually bought and returned the eva clutch three times already because there was always something else I had in mind. For some reason I cant get it out of my head but it does annoy me too. its a bit too long for me (im only 5 feet) and it doesn't fit much without the zipper getting warped. Then again I don't know what else can perform the same functions as this bag and be carefree but also beautiful for night time. any suggestions?

    I also thought about st germain bb because its gorgeous and beautiful for night time but not sure if I would use it for travel because its so expensive I don't want to damage it.

    I have currently:
    Favorite MM DE
    Pallas Clutch mono noir
    Speedy B25 DE
    Neverfull DE
    Key Cles Monogram
    Mini Pochette Monogram

    Any suggestions on what I should do? any other nice bags that are good for evening and vacation. LV only suggestions pls
  2. Have you considered getting the Favorite PM in a different print? I love mine for traveling but it also looks good as an evening bag. I have the St Germain BB. While the BB is a lovely bag, I don't recommend it for vacations because the clasp makes it harder to open and close. It also looks more formal.
  3. Obviously Eva is not the right choice as you have already returned it many times. How about Alma bb? It is versatile and available in various options.
    Or then get St Germain bb and use your Favorite MM for travel.
  4. do
    do u have the favorite MM and have u travelled with it?
  5. Unfortunately not but it seems like a versatile and carefree piece. When I travel I don't like to take many bags with me and Favorite could hold one's passport among other things. You can use it with the chain strap for dressier events too.
  6. I do really like the alma bb in the epi noir a lot. my friends kinda deterred me from it saying the shape is awkward.
  7. I do have an Alma bb and I thought at first too that the shape is awkward to wear cross body because of the handles getting in the way. But after using it I don't actually notice the handles bothering me at all. No wonder it is such a popular bag. Epi Alma bb would be a lovely addition to your collection! My Alma is in light vernis so I wouldn't travel with it but I'd like to get another one in more carefree color or material.
  8. Saint Germain BB is lovely. I would go with it. :heart:
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  9. I have Pallas Clutch and 5 feet tall. The strap length is perfect for my height! This bag is so versatile that I can use it in casual or dressier occasion. You can also consider getting Pochette Accessoires in Epi leather. You can add cross body chain when you want to go hands-free.
  10. Of the bags you're contemplating, and considering the bags you currently own, I'd definitely choose Saint Germain BB. Being a leather bag, I think it's a dressier option and will be quite versatile.
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  11. You should get the Ana then. $1730, metal plate only in Vernis. My friend has this and looks beautiful. I only wear patent bag when going out at night in case someone spills a drink on my bag because there won't be any damage that is visible anyway.
  12. St Germain BB is so cute and lovely, it is worth going for, but maybe not for vacay.
  13. St Germain BB cause u have favorite already
  14. Why not buying pochette accessoire and use your speedy B strap as crossbody for travelling? Much cheaper option plus you can buy the BB at the same time
  15. Hi Shortie,

    I have a favourite PM...I'm also very short, and I got the strap cut. The shop I went to did a phenomenal job... I don't really believe that we should have an LV, and wear it too long, because we don't want to "preserve the craftsmanship" I believe a purse has to work for us. I always travel with my purses, and I don't worry about ruining them, as they need to be enjoyed.

    I think the problem is that you want a purse that performs two very different functions. And 1 bag can't do both. A purse for a night out is more dressy, and a vacation purse is more easy, and you don't have to worry about it. The plate on the EVA will get scratched easily ( I have an older model, Thames, and plate is beat up) and if this is something that bothers you, then you won't enjoy your vacation! So I don't think the EVA is the answer.

    Personally I would buy the BB, and take the favourite on vacation.

    I wear the favorite to do the groceries. I tuck the chain in so it looks less dressy. Usually wear it with a tennis dress and some Addidas shoes.

    Maybe this isn't your style, but I have the Louise PM (I have the one in epi patent) which I wear at night....(I had the strap cut on that one as well), that have some cute colours which can be worn crossbody, and then the strap is removable so it can be used as a clutch at night.