Eva clutch for dancing/dining?

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  1. Hi everyone, just left the boutique..went to look for a monogramoflauge speedy 35 but none left :sad: so looked at a galleria. (next on the list and a speedy 30 in damier a no brainer) , mahina xs..for b-day and also looked at the eva clutch. I really need a going out bag for dancing/clubbing and I think the strap makes this perfect...anyone who owns it who can confirm my thoughts??? tia!
  2. I don't own the Eva, but I think it's a cute bag and would suit those occasions well. I love how it has an extra long strap for that casual look.
  3. Agree ! I would be a great clutch for dancing/dining :tup:
  4. I was thinking it could be worn crossbody..making it so light and easy to wear that I wouldn't think to much about it!!
  5. I think it's such a cute style ! You would probably find it great for all sorts of outings when you don't feel like carrying a big bag ! ...hay ...and maybe your sweet husband will throw in a Mahina too ......heee heeee ( i know that was one of his picks....wasn't it ?)
  6. It'll perfect for nights out. I have one myself and I adore it. The Chain strap really makes it a perfect evening bag. I think it's sexy and big enough to fit all the essentials.

    Do buy her, I adore her immensely. The long strap is great for when you want to be hands free, although I warn you it IS very long! For someone of average height (I'm 5'4 1/2) it drops to my hip. But I love her anyway.
  7. I have the Sophie, which is pretty similar to the Eva (except the plate and Eva is slightly bigger) and it's my clubbing/dinner bag. The chain gives it a little bit of bling which is perfect for nighttime occasions.

  8. i tried on the mahina xs tonight for the first time at the boutique!! wow, I can only hope...upcoming price increase will put it up around $3000...I think i'd rather get an eva, damier speedy 30 AND an accessory for that amount of money..but if he did show up with it , how could I possibly say no??? It is the smooshiest most beatiful, simple bag ever! :yahoo:
  9. I think it would be perfect for that!
  10. yah....your right.....you could get 3 things for the price of the Mahina.....what a sensible shopper you are ..teehee:yes:
  11. ^I know...kinda annoys me sometimes how sensible I get!!! I would LOVE the mahina, but only if he surprised me with it...If i were in the boutique I'd end up with a damier speedy 30, an eva clutch AND maybe a pomme wallet or trunks and bags purse charm!! I am disgustingly savvy when It is just me...when he surprises me...it's all good in the hood!! (exempt!!!)
  12. You are so right. It is perfect for that! I have an Eva and I use her constantly!!!
  13. I would like to get the Eva myself to use for "night outs" currently my go-to bag for "night-out" is the Mono Shine McKenna...
  14. Eva is a fabulous choice for an evening / going out bag!