Eva as a pouch/wallet, etc.

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  1. I love my Eva (Mono) so much that I carry her as a pouch inside my other bags. I can use her as a wallet or organizer, and then if I travel or go somewhere that my bigger bag is too much, I can take out Eva and put the essentials in her and voila! For example, when camping or boating, I bring a big bag but don't want to lug it to the campfire or on the boat. So I pull out Eva and keep her with me for holding phone, lip balm, tissues, keys. If I am a guest at someone's house, I might place my larger bag in the bedroom, but keep Eva cross body so I don't worry about someone stealing my credit cards/cash and I can keep my phone and lip gloss handy. I have also worn her with my scrubs (gold chain tucked in) to hold my IV flushes, alcohol wipes, bandage scissors, pens, drug reference, notepad, etc. Am I the only one who does this? Tell me the creative ways you have used your Eva.
  2. I've been thinking about using it as a pouch/wallet ......but unsure about how to organize it.
  3. I do that sometimes, too. Especially when going on a business trip. I have two in one that way and don't need to take an extra evening bag either.
  4. I put my Cles in my Pochette and put the Pochette into the Eva and then place the Eva in a larger bag such as delightful, artsy, Neverful and my DBF thinks I'm crazy!
  5. LOL!!! I stack them like that too!!
  6. Pink carnation, I put my keys, money, credit cards, drivers license, and a pen in Eva. I attach a clip on lip gloss to her ring, then place her in my larger bag. Or you could use her as a makeup pouch.