Eva and her housemate tivoli gm....

  1. It's eva's first day out at the grocerie today.... mom brought along her tivoli as well... eva got so many compliments... they think its so cute and practical.. true... for the very reasonable price mind you that it comes w/ the long extra body strap that can be converted as a sling bag;)
  2. I love EVA...but I just have TOO much junk to carry around for such a small bag..
    Photo 3.jpg Photo 2.jpg
  4. I merged your two threads with the same titles.. please don't start double threads !!
  5. cute, congrats!
  6. ohh i love them both!! congrats! looks fab on you:yahoo:
  7. excuse me for that! and don;t get mad just for that I'm kinda new here so I'm not familiar with the things you should do ok??? keep your cool darling
  8. love them both..Congrats!

  9. i dont think ayla was losing her cool. she just let you know for next time. its hard work being a mod...... but anyway, i do loveee your eva.:girlsigh:
  10. nice bags!
  11. thanks... and yet she did have to end w/ an exclamation she could have mentioned it in a nicer way
  12. Thanks darling! loving it!:yahoo:
  13. i love love love that bag! i'm planning on buying it in the summer while on holiday
    hope i can wait that long!!
  14. Congrats! Lovely bag!
  15. Heres eva when shouldered held:heart:
    Photo 4.jpg