Eutope vs Black Birkin help

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  1. I will be able to place an order for a birkin next week and I was wondering if you can advise me about the size, colour, leather...
    I want it to be my one and only birkin bag, I was debating wheter to get a kelly or a birkin and I finally decided to order a birkin.
    But as a birkin newbie any help would be much appreciated.

    1. Size: What do you ladies think it would be better to order a birkin 25cm or a birkin 30cm. I am 5.2 and I don't like very big bags. MY SA advised me to order the 30cm ones since the 25cm is really small. What do you think=

    2. Colour: which colour would be classical and timeless? I really like the black one but my SA suggested to order another colour but black since I am still young (what a compliment I might add ;) ehehehe, I am in my last 30s... ;)). I love eutope colour but would I be tired of this colour over time? would it be a good colour for all year around?
    So which colour would be better black or eutope?

    3. If I choose to order the birkin in etoupe colour, what would be the best combo for that colour? which leather would be the best? Togo? and what about the hw?

    I hope you can give me some ideas to help me decide ;). Enabler pics are welcome ;). hehehe.
    It's going to be a very long wait but I am ready for that. I will get some Hermes goodies next week so I can make the waiting even better :smile:.

    Thanks a million. :smile:

    Anyway, I wanted to ask you ladies how to proceed:
    I want to get a Medor cluch (black with gold HW), collier de chien bracelet black with gold and a Birkin in orange.
    He already told me that I would have to order the medor which is why I was in the store the first place.

    First I wanted to ask if it is adviseable to ask him on the phone about the Birkin.
    2. What size are Kim Kardashian's Birkins? Because I like that size...
    3. Is the orange color called orange?
    4. What leather do you recommend? I am no expert in the different leathers, I remember reading that there is one leather that "accentuates" color better than the other. And that one is stiffer than the other. I know it is all a matter of preference, but I would still like to hear your opinions and prosand cons.
    5. I think I like it with gold HW better, because I feel like it looks more elegant. How hard is this combination to come by?

    I know these are a lot of questions, but I would be really thankful if you could help me
  2. ideally i would order 35cm but maybe 30 is better if you feel the bag will overpower you. get an hermes classic but what i call mystery colors like say raisin or indigo or graphite because they give you the classic look with out being the obvious classics and they all have that special something that attracts because you are thinking what color is it truly what color could it be but at the smae time a color like raisin or indigo goes with everything etoupe is nice also i preffer it with GHW as it is more unique and it makes the bag more interesting so it very much depends i strongly suggest that you do not make it black my first birkin was black i love it still wear it but if you ask me today it would be indigo raisin blue abysse anything but black because any brand can make a black bag H does colors dark or bright beautifully. kim kardashians bags are usually 35cm and for me the best size even on shorter women but its all up to you i truly hope it helps .birkel.
  3. I am the same age as you and for my first B I have chosen one in Gold with GHW as it goes with everything in my wardrobe :smile:
    I think the best thing to do is to go back to the boutique and try on bags in different colours and see which colour really suits you. Whichever one you will chose, I am sure you will love it!
  4. I apologise for posting this in my own post, I was trying to edit my original post, but I don't knwow how. I am using my new laptop and it seems I don't know how to use a laptop anymore :sad:, hello new technology. I was reading her post earlier today sand I don't know how this ended up in my own post. I am very sorry, it wasn't my intention. I don't really don't know how that ended up in my own post awwww.
    So please back to my original post I am going to quote it here again so we can be back to my own topic. And sorry again.

  5. I can't comment much about color since I think it's very hard to just choose one. Would just like to comment on the size. Don't get a 25. It's really too small especially to be your only Birkin. I would go with either a 30 or 35, not 25 (and really take our wonderful birkel's advice as she knows best and is so generous with her knowledge sharing).
    I have raisin and it's wonderful.
  6. I prefer 35, 30 at the smallest for an everyday bag.

    My SD always told me that a black birkin is usually a person's first or last bag. Go for etoupe. It is very chic, either with palladium or gold hardware. Goes with everything.
  7. Etoupe for you, goes with everything and very elegant without loooking too "old". Looks great with colors. For you a 30, although KK has 35's. I love Ewift in etoupe, or anything really, but perhaps Togo may be easier to get.
    Classic Hermes orange is fun, too, but not as neutral to be sure.
  8. Hi! I'm 5'2 too and I find the 35 too big on me and size 30 is perfect.. As for colour it really is a personal choice and it really depends on your lifestyle, wardrobe and personality :smile:
  9. etoupe is a beautiful classic & very neutral color... works all year round as well..
    think the 30 would be a nice size for you...
  10. I know you shortlisted only Black or Etoupe, but it is possible to expand your options? There are some really nice colors for AW2010.
    Etoupe is a classic, but as it is a light shade, any stains show up, you may want to consider whether u can accept that.
  11. As you said it will be your only Birkin, I would say Black. I think Black is the perfect birkin colour for all age and goes with everything. In my opinion, a black bag might look dull on display or when photographed on its own, but when I pick a bag to match an outfit, it's always the black bag that looks best. It might be me only, and I don't think black is old. I'm 30 and I love the black birkin and kelly even since my early 20s. Good luck with your decision and looking forward to your reveal!
  12. I'm 5'1" on good days and as much as I love the 35, it feels like I'm toting around a luggage. I know I've seen other petite gals rock this size, but somehow just not on me. I'll suggest for you to go for 30cm. As far as color goes, you should get one that compliments and works in your wardrobe.

    If classic is what you're after, then you are heading in the right direction with the two choices of color. By the way, keep in mind that Etoupe is one of those colors that may not work on all skin tones. You might want to look at the swatch packets or SLG in this color to determine if it'll work for you.

    Although my first birkin was black with GHW togo 30cm and I still have it and love it, I would say to consider something colorful because H makes such beautiful colors.
  13. Buy the color you'll use the most often. My wife bought black for her first birkin, and has no regrets. She's about your same height (and age), but she bought the 35. The 35 is more of a tote, the 30 is more of a purse, and the 25 is way too small. Personally the only 25 I would ever buy would be lizard, and only because it is impossible to get in a 30. The 25 is good for more formal occasions, but the 30 is better for everyday use.