Eurpean buyer's vent

  1. I want to get this off my chest - please bear with me. As an European buyer in a country where paypal does not confirm addresses, you can forget about most interesting auctions on ebay. I have a 100 % positive feedback, have been on ebay for over 3 years, and can't buy most of the great authentic pieces from lvlady or authentic_lvlady l(spelling?) and let-trade and others because of my only-verified account. :rant: I can't change paypal's policy, I already e-mailed them about confirming my address and they won't do it in Europe:mad::mad::mad: So those auctions and great prices are impossible to get.

    Then I applied to the marketplaza here a week ago and haven't heard back. :sad: Maybe it's because I'm here for less than 2 months or some other reason I haven't been informed about, so I can't participate in buying (and maybe selling) here. It would have been nice :sad:

    As an honest person with perfect feedback and a lover of auth lv, it makes me sad that there seem to be brick walls online everywhere.

    At least we have a LV boutique in my city:yes:.

    Okay, that's it, thanks for letting me share.

    Sorry for the long post
  2. The title should read "European" of course, sorry! :shame:
  3. Why do you need to buy from ebay? The prices in France are so much lower than in US.:P :P :P :love: :love: :love:
  4. I know! But I'm not in France and the boutique prices there are of course still higher than those on ebay, plus I really like gently used purses with patina :yes: Explaining aside, why does it have to be so hard for buyers like me to buy off ebay? It's tedious enough to spot the real ones from the fakes and when you do, sure enough it's not possible to buy.
  5. Yes, France is the only place in Europe. If you are from Europe, you are from France :lol:

    Just kidding :heart:
  6. Sometimes I really wish I'd live in the US :amuse:
    let-trade often has some great deals but w/ German customs the deal gets lost anyway :Push::rant::censor:
  7. GerGirl, I hear you. Customs and tax are bad. It seems so much easier in the US.
  8. Well I'd even put up with customs if it's a great deal... Do you fellow Europeans pay with international money order or don't you dare to do it? (No seller protection etc.)?
  9. And LOL cat!!
  10. south-of-france, then u have to talk to me, i came from a country known as its terrorism and internet fraud that paypal won't even allowed people from here to register. but i love the deals on ebay so i usually ask the seller if they received payment through western union or not. the charge is much more expensive from paypal, but it's the only way i can do it. and the customs also usually a pain in the ass, especially with lv, because they know it's expensive :sad:
  11. seahorse-sorry to hear that but I'm glad you still find a way to do it, even if it's not great. :flowers: I'm a little wary of sending someone I don't know hundreds of $$ without any protection at all, so I haven't tried the western union thing yet.:hrmm:
  12. I guess I'm to scared to use western union ;). I would pay by international money order if I want an item really bad and paypal is not available. I didn't pay that way yet though.
  13. i think i kinda have a hunch to know if the seller is honest or not, because luckily (knock knock) i've never been fraud. i tried to communicate with the sellers before the auction end to see how they response, and i only do it with a trusted seller too, although sometimes i can't sleep before the item arrived in my door worrying :smile: but recently i found a nice second hand shop in my city that sells quite a lot of designer's bags. so i have more choice than ebay :smile:
  14. Well, if you don't mind a remailer service, you could use, but I would definitely have the seller put a medical bracelet on the bag so they can't do a switcheroo.
  15. I'm glad you never had to deal with any fraud. It's always saver to communicate with the seller first and if the feedback is okay, I would probably take the risk.

    Wow, I would love to have such a great second hand shop near me. Well, it's probably better that I don't ;).