Eurorail, Best Way to See Europe?

  1. Hey tPFers,

    It looks like there'll be a good chance I'll be studying in Russia this summer for a month or two so that I can take my comp exams in the Fall. I'd really like to take 2 or 3 weeks after I'd done studying in Russia and travel around Europe.

    Right now I think I want to see Denmark, Croatia, Italy, Spain & the UK. Is Eurorail the best way to do it?

    I've never done the multiple country travel thing, so I'm kind of at a loss as to where to start researching.

    Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.
  2. I've never done it myself, but I know several people who has done it, and aparently, eurorail is the way to go. The train networks there are aparently really good, so it's easy to get from one place to another, and as far as I know, it's relatively cheap too. I haven't been to most of those countries, but Denmark (Copenhagen in particular) is a wonderful country which is worth the trip and UK is also really fun :yes:

    You are so lucky to be going back to Russia! I really need to go back myself, but I need to see if I can get my parents to support it again - I'm waaay too busy to get a job this semester and I'm not sure I can get it supported from the government.

  3. I'm really hoping it will work out. I was originally suppose to go to Middlebury College in Vermont for their "No English Spoken Here" summer program but they got rid of their 6 week program & the new 9 week program is $10,000!!:tdown:

    I can go to Russia & study there for like a quarter of that, plus the whole experience of being in Russia!

    Plus, I really want an excuse to travel around Europe in a manic "I'm a 20something, how many more chances will I have to do this?!" way, you know? After the past year, I deserve it!!

    You should come. My classmate found a great program right outside of St. Pete's that's really reasonable!
  4. I have also heard that eurorail is the best way to go. My SIL and her husband did a three week tour of Europe with quite reasonable traveling costs.
  5. Im Coming!!!!
    Lets Go Girl!

  6. Ahh, Europe in the summer is great (again, I can only just testify for the countries I've been to, but not having to worry about snow and ice is really nice :p), and yeah, when you're still young, I'm sure it's a great experience.

    I really, really hope I'll be able to go this year (I wasn't there at all last year :wtf:) and I've really missed it, so I have been playing with the idea of going back, but I need to figure out if I have time (I don't like to plan too far ahead) and if I can get the funds for it.

    So is the program in one of the suburbs? I'm primarily checking out the private school I've been to before or checking if the university has some sort of program as the private school is great, but I sort of miss the student atmosphere that my friends that went to that university thing had :yes:
  7. Summer in Europe is undoubtedly nice, but can get really hot, especially in August. I advise you against visiting Italy, France and Spain during that month.
  8. :yes: :yes:
  9. Actually, you can get really cheap flights to these countries many times cheaper than Eurorail. Some of the distances you are going is quite far which would add up by train. Look into flight tickets to. I got a ton of flights from Spain to Italy, Germany to X, for about $75 round trip.

    Sounds like fun!!!
  10. ITA with Megs.

    Eurorail is kinda irratating because of having to take luggage around all the time. IMO its so easier flying with an airline say BA than it is on eurorail. :yes:
  11. I would also prefer flying around Europe; however you have to plan ahead a couple of weeks where you want to go as the cheapest flights all sell out quickly.
  12. With the train you can get a pass to travel throughout Europe as much as you want. Yes the train in EU is really good, it´s the best way to see the country, and arrive right in the center of the city. But of course it´s not as fast as flying !
    Otherwise as Socialite suggests you have the low cost airlines, they are good and mostly ontime, but often you have to add the coach/train price to get to the city. Check Ryanair, easyjet.
    If you come to DK, we could meet up, have a european tPF meetings tour !!
  13. Ok, back in my 20s (and I won't comment about how long ago that was) I travelled by Eurail using the passes they had at the time which allowed unlimited travel in a certaim amt. of time. Back then there were different passes that you could buy depending on how long you would need the pass.

    I thought it was a great way to see the country and interact with other Europeans. You really get a feel of the place when you use the train system, esp. since you'll pass through cities and places you wouldn't ordinarily get to see. Of course you'll have to pack lightly for ease of travel and also be careful for safety reasons (I didn't carry anything valuable and slept with my money and documents on me).

    Lastly, I'll also make a plug for Spain. It's where I did my exchange. I lived there for 6 months and travelled extensively throughout the country. It is beautiful, great fashion, and people are really cool. Definitely check out Barcelona and Granada if you can.
  14. I love traveling through Europe via the Eurorail. It is definitely the best way to see Europe:smile: I love the train stations too... :smile: