Europeans - Aquarelle?

HI fellow Europeans!

Some of you may know I do not have my Aquarelle Speedy yet the wait is driving me crazy, I have bugged my SA to the point of blacklisting me (lol I'm joking eekkk I hope lol)
The date I have been given that apparently LV Europe have is release date of March-April.
I want this bag! so here is my question have any of you seen Aquarelle in Europe is it out here yet? I'm not sure I can hold out until April you may find me rocking in a corner muttering "watercolour speedy, watercolour speedy"
Jun 13, 2007
That is strange that you guys don't have it yet. If not, just let me know and I'll try and get one for you. I know that they are taking "pre-orders" (whatever that means) as of now. You CAN'T miss out on this bag!
Thank you for your kind offer TPFer's really do rock I'm going to hold out to try and get it here or at least Europe import taxes are pretty high on goods from outside Europe and I could be looking at an extra 25% on the bag eekkk my SA has promised me one but I am very impatient lol


May 19, 2006
Dont worry, I am sure you will get it in time. Once the new production batch hits the stores, you will see more of them. In the meantime, ohhhmmm......ohhmmmmm......breath deeply......ohhmmm....relax yr mind.....


Feb 1, 2006
no Europe will only get the 35.

Neverfull are you sure it's May 1st I'm talking about the exotic not the VVN
no sight of the Aquarelle speedy at my local LV Amsterdam yet(was there last monday)....
i asked my SA abt the Watercolour speedy 30 VNN M95751,she said is in thier computer and she is very sure they will get it (somewhere in May) :shrugs:,the price is €785,so i am waitlisted.


Italian shopaholic
Nov 14, 2007
Shh...RAOK time
I live in London and can't even get to be waitlisted for it (nor the VVN) :sad:
No time to go to the stores and they won't put me in the list even with CC number, or offerings of my firstborn. (They won't even connect me to my favourite store, but that's another thread I opened already -.-)

Anyway, the SA at Harrods just said on the phone that the Aquarelle should be out before half April. Hope this helps, and if somebody knows a charitable SA in London, please let me know :search: