European vacation REVEALS!! Chanel, LV, H, Gucci, Longchamp

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  1. #1 Jul 16, 2016
    Last edited: Jul 16, 2016
    I posted a few months back about my European travels and where to shop, etc. I got home on Thursday with an ENTIRE suitcase of goodies!! This will be a long post, but bear with me as I had been looking forward to this reveal since before my trip!

    We departed Houston last Wednesday and landed at our layover in the Munich airport the next day... I browsed the Gucci and Hermes stores, but didn't want to buy much since I knew there were so many cities to come. I lastly popped into the Duty Free shop which carried tons of Longchamp....and found THIS for 55 euros (about $65) so I snatched her up immediately! It's the large size so was over half off!

    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1468675910.604700.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1468675923.755690.jpg
  2. We left the Munich airport and flew our way to Genoa to get to Portofino. We stayed in Santa Margherita so it was just a few miles from Portofino which had all the shopping. On Friday morning, i got on the first ferry over to Portofino which landed me smack dab in front of the LV store! I was still hopeful for goodies in the next cities so only asked for my mom's LV wishlist item, Pochette Acc in black Epi leather which they STOPPED MAKING in the US. They didn't have it, so I tried on a couple things and moved on. I then went on a walk looking for the Hermes store and learned it CLOSED. (I know this is a Chanel forum guys, so keep reading!). I perused the Dior store for fun...then bought a few linen tops at a little shop. We ate lunch over there then headed back to Santa Margherita. We went to a wedding in Santa M so the next few days were devoted to that. GORGEOUS wedding btw!!

    Sunday morning, we woke up early and headed out to BARCELONA. I learned when we landed that all the shops were closed on Sundays so I knew I would need to wake up early Monday for my shopping. DH and I did some sightseeing Sunday and made a plan for me to shop for 1.5 hours (THATS IT!!) the next morning. I woke up, and got my game plan. We were staying two blocks from the Passeig de Gracia (msp?) so I had a plan for Chanel, LV, Hermes. I landed in Chanel first, duh! I asked for minis and WOCs. The sales associates were SO SWEET, like seriously awesome service. I was shown a few goodies but landed on something I had never seen before...apparently seasonal. Is everyone ready for a Chanel reveal? ImageUploadedByPurseForum1468676534.363172.jpg
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  3. Here she is!


    Timeless classic WOC in smooth lambskin with silver interior and silver chain!
  4. The price was 1630 euros which converted to $1833...then I got my VAT back at the airport (about $200) so it came to approx $1600.

    So after Chanel, I popped into LV and asked for my mom's pochette and they didn't have it either, ugh! The store was crowded and I wanted to do most of my LV shopping in London since I knew there were tons of options in the city and the pound was so low!

    My last stop was Hermes. I don't really need a Birkin or Kelly but I wanted to asked for one just because. I wore my Evelyne there so they would know I wasn't a reseller. I asked for either and got a no...he then wanted to show me a black Picotin and Garden Party. The GP was nice but not on my wishlist so unnecessary. I went to the scarves next and picked up a bandana scarf as I don't own any Hermes scarves and live in TX so bandanas are pretty classic! The price wasn't that much cheaper...160 euros which was $177 then I got about $25 in VAT back. (I think the scarf is $180 in the US).

    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1468677035.296859.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1468677045.842736.jpg

    The sales person was nice when I checked out and gave me two perfume samples. I told him my mom loved H perfume and asked for two more and he happily gave me two more!
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  5. By this time, I had used up most of my 1.5 hours so I popped into Mango real quick, scooped up s blue lace dress for 20 euros on sale and went on my way. DH and I did a walking tour of the city for the next few hours and ended the night with more sangria and tapas. Tuesday morning, we headed out of Barcelona and got on the plane to LONDON!!!

    Is anyone around for my London reveals?
  6. Here is a sneak peek of all my goodies from the trip...
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  7. I'm here!!! Sound great so far!
  8. Love
  9. Here!
  10. I was just in Portofino 2 weeks ago and while I love it most of the boutiques especially LV and Dior have a very limited stock that's why I did my damage in Florence.
  11. Wow what a steal for the woc!
  12. Oh wow, can't wait to see the rest. I'm really loving this Reveal. I feel like I'm on vacation! :smile:
  13. This is a great reveal!!! Amazing finds!!!
  14. Love your new goodies!
  15. Great haul so far!
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