European size 39- what's my US size??

  1. I'd be so grateful if someone could help me with this one! I'm a European size 39 and I'd like to know what my US size is. I remember having bought a size 9 before, but in all the conversion charts they say I'm really a size 8.5. Any ideas? I'm about to buy a bunch of shoes from an American website so I want my size to be right!
  2. 8 1/2

    I'd go with 8 1/2 for OPEN TOE
    and 9 for closed toe


    I'm a 36 and I ALWAYS go that way. Boots always 6.5 and open toes are always 6 and they fit perfectly well :smile:

    SOME boots in 6 are fine too but 6.5 give me that extra room to wear thick socks :smile:
  3. 8.5 and maybe a 8 in some brands.
    Just have to know what brands?

    I am a 40 to my cowboy boots I am a 9 and dress shoes normally 9.5. Nike a 9.
    Some brands run smaller and I am a 10.
  4. Hm... I wear a 39.5 EUR and I'm a 9.5 US.
  5. Yeah, it really depends on the brand, but probably around 8.5-9.
  6. I used to wear a european size 39 in heels and 39.5 in flats and boots. I was a 8.5-9 in US sizing.
  7. Agreed. I feel the previous posts have underestimated a little.
  8. Do you mean EUR size as in French size or Italian size? (I'm a french 42, italian 41 and a US 11)

    I would say

    French 39 = US 8
    Italian 39 = US 9

  9. I wear US 8 and Euro size 38.5 to 39, so I would say that 39 = 8.5.
  10. Depends on the brand but I would say 8.5 or 9. What US brand are you looking at? Some run large.
  11. I'm a Euro 39 and I wear a size 9 usually. Some shoes run big and so I need an 8.5. It's good to research the brands before you make a purchase. You can check on if a brand runs true to size.
  12. I am a Euro 39 and often buy US brands online... I find that I need US 8.5-9.
  13. Yes, I agree with the others. You're an 8.5-9.