European sellers of black Chloe Paddington handbag?

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  1. Hi! I'm looking for a regular-size Paddington handbag in black leather with gold hardware. I found one on Aloha Rag on sale for just $990 (:biggrin:), but according to I can expect to pay anything from GBP£150 upwards in customs, VAT, etc as it's shipped in from the US. I would rather just know how much I'm paying when I make my purchase rather than the nasty taxman asking me to pay up before I can have my bag. I was wondering if anyone has seen the same bag on sale from a reputable European seller. I know that which is based in the UK sells Paddingtons in patent navy blue and mini Paddingtons in black patent, but I don't like patent (at least not on a Paddy...).

  2. Customs/Duties/Taxes will amount to around 22% - which is basically the VAT and the services charges etc. So you'd have to add that to the price - to budget.

    UK websites - you could also try Cruise online - although they aren't authorised stockists - but they do sell authentic Chloe.

    Also - - based in Italy and authorised stockist.

    It would also be worth calling the Chloe boutiques - and Selfridges, Harvey Nicks etc., as they may have one - and if so - they could ship out to you.

    Not sure where you are located - but I'd check the options above. Also - don't discount EBay/Bonanzle - authentic bags do turn up on there - and if you see one - post it on the Authenticate This Chloe Thread - and we'll be happy to authenticate (or otherwise).
  3. Thanks Lescoy! I did consider eBay but I have never bought anything on eBay before and having seen the Authenticate This thread it seems most bags on there are fakes. Even if the bags in the photos are real, is it not possible that the seller posts you another, fake bag instead?
  4. Arienne - Hi there - you need to be careful with EBay - however there are authentic bags there - no doubt.

    If you see one you are interested in - post on the Authenticate This Chloe Thread. Its always useful to ask for additional photos - that way you can see if the seller does have the bag in the listing. We are here to help you and to keep you safe - so please do check EBay and Bonanzle - but post on the Authenticate Thread - and we'll be sure to check each bag carefully for you - and give you advice.

    Don't ever be afraid to ask us.