European Prices (not France), does this 'theory' make sence?

  1. My boyfriend and i just figured this out, maybe someone can confirm or deny my 'theory'

    The prices shown on in Euros are only for France, prices in other countries in Europe are higher.
    When I like an item I have to guess for the price (or call the boutique ;) )
    Now my boyfriend and I were talking about this and we think that they put an extra 5% on prices in other countries
    For example, I just bought an BH and bandeau in Italy
    on the website the prices are 495 and 80, i paid 520 and 84
    84 is the price+5% exactly,
    520 is ALMOST 25 euro's, which is 5%
    My cles bought in Belgium was 105 euro, on the website 100 (it is 102 at this moment but was 100 when i bought it)
    5% of 100=5

    Is this coincidence or do LV put on an extra 5% for other European countries? Anyone who knows more about this?
  2. Interesting theory.....I 'm sure they mark up everywhere but France.....
  3. nobody that can confirm this? :smile:
  4. It's true... +5% for Continental Europe (and in my experience LV usually rounds the prices up or down to either 0 or 5 as well).
  5. thank you!
  6. Hi Suzanne, thanks! Didn't realize prices would be some higher than in France...
  7. Price of Sunset Blvd in Paris is 500euros , in Germany is 520euros. 4% difference.
  8. ^^^ Hahaha.. I love your cat avatar !
  9. Not really a theory, but yes, it's true. Prices in France are def. much cheaper because they do a markup in other European countries.