European Outlet

  1. Hello everyone, this is my first thread/post here. I need help! I recently purchased a bag from the above named merchant. I was told they sold authentic bags but after getting it, everything looks good but the hologram was a sticky and it fell off. Also the straps dont look like leather. I feel it's a fake.:cursing: I communicated with the company prior to placing my order and they assured me they sold the real thing. I asked if I would get a refund if I found out that they were fakes and she said yes. I paid through PayPal and I am ready to dispute and file a claim with the BBB.

    I just wanted to know if anyone else had experienced this same thing. I JUST WANT A REAL FENDI BAG AT AN AFFORDABLE PRICE!!!!!!!!!! WHERE O WHERE CAN I GO????
  2. I gave a look at their website and I assume they're selling fakes - they sell items for almost 70% off the price
  3. Thanks so much for your response. I was starting to think that no one had any information. I am trying to get my money refunded to me as soon as possible. Any referrals on where I can go to get an authentic besides eBay?
  4. Try to ask this in the Fendi subforum, the gals there will surely help you. If you want to be sure you bought a fake (I'm no expert about Fendi) you can post there pics of your bag and they'll authenticate it. Good luck