European online shopping

  1. Hi!
    I was wondering which are some nice sites for online shopping that ship to Europe! Can be sites with brands or with cheaper clothes

  2. Mango? I like their clothes :yes:
  3. Thnx, but I can easily buy from a mango shop, I would like something different. I always follow the 'what did you wear today' thread and some styles are soo unique, I can't find anything like that in the shops here
    How about that ^? I love Asos :heart:
  5. well there's netaporter of course. and ships to europe, and i almost never get charged customs fees. there's always eBay... i'll come back when i think of more, my brain isn't working quite at full capacity tonight :shame;
  6. Net-a-Porter
    Browns of London
    Dorothy Perkins (for sunglasses)

    i'm sure there's more :shrugs:
  7. I do browse that site a lot but didn't really buy anything because I wasn't sure if the fit and the quality is alright and how the sizes work
  8. i love (you can get serious bargains when it goes on sale!! I got cut off Seven Apockets for £30!)

    I only buy branded stuff from Asos, i find their "own brand" cheap stuff really poor quality - similar to New Look. Call me a snob but i swear i break out in a rash when i walk in it.. :yucky:
  9. does anyone know the import/duties on items from LVR?

    i'm talking about shipping to the u.s.
  10. actually, if anyone could answer the same question about net-a-porter, i would really appreciate it.

    i want some rick owens stuff from NAP and lanvin flats from LVR.
  11. online from the UK, i love asos and topshop!

    asos' quality isn't that great, esp for the price, but they have some cute shirts!
  12. when i ordered my paddy from NAP, they included duties in the price they quoted on the site, so i paid them up front.
  13. after reading all of the LVR horror stories here and at tfs, i'm going to stray from them...i'll have to see if one of my local boutiques ordered the new batches of lanvin flats.
  14. my best place for shopping :

    for no taxe choose aulways USPS shipping