European online boutique for ZC in light grey

  1. I have been lusting over the Zip Clutch in light grey ever since baglover posted the picture on this board.

    Was wondering if anyone has seen it on an european online boutique before I decide to call the MJ boutique in Paris.


    PS: prefer not to order from US based online boutique because of custum duties, plus most online boutique ship within the US only.
  2. Checked NAP for you, they don't have any ZCs at all. Boo!
  3. ^^ I know thithi, I do check NAP on daily basis but I don't expect them to get the ZC in light grey, they mostly carry the basic colors such as brown and black.
  4. So I can ring somewhere in Paris and they'll send it to me? How does this work? Help??!!! lol, also does anyone knwo the MJ store in London's phone number?
  5. The phone number should be on the marc website I think!
  6. London store tel no is 020 7399 7690.
  7. Thanks beany :biggrin: YAY!!!!