European(north) gals! Help for finding warm and stylish winter coat !

  1. Hello !!
    I have been now looking for YEARS for a nice and warm coat !!!
    Lady m´s thread (
    features perfect winter coats that I love !!!
    Unfortunately it´s always canadian/US options.What are the European options ???

    Do you gals know where online or IRL could I find a winter coat appropriate for Denmark weather ?
    Which means warm and windbreaking. Rainproof would be even better but if that´s falling again into the Gap parkas....nope.

    -So either something like the photos under (well cut, wool, mod style) that I :heart:
    -Or something more sporty and rainproof like The Northface, but that doesn´t make me look like a freakin´bibendum or a walking sleeping bag !!!!!:p
    soakyogemmablack300.jpg soiakyobillygrey300.jpg
  2. FYI a bibendum is the Michelin Man(french manufacturers of tires)
  3. Why don't you check out Max Mara they have some gorgeous coats but don't think they sell online (careful there are fakes on eBay) pricerange is around 900/1000 euros totally worth it!

    There is also moncler which is more sporty but worth checking out. Best would be to get a nicer dressier coat and one of the sport ones!

    hope that helps
  4. Thanks Catcat, I forgot to give a budget, 1000€ is def. too much.....I am more thinking around max. 500-600€
  5. I'd also recommend Max Mara/Sportmax, but otherwise I think basic high street stores have goodlooking and good quality coats, for example Zara :smile:
  6. I really like the photos of the coats you have posted
    who makes those

    I think the style is lovely
  7. Usually when I'm looking for decent winter coat but yet still affordable, I'll look into Zara. They have nice different designs on the coat and different colors too. If you like the mod style, I'm pretty sure they'll have it, the big buttons style. Like the two pictures that you posted, Zara had the similar styles for last year winter collection. I liked the style so much that I bought two. The material is wool and or rayon. Very warm for where I live.. And yes, they didn't make you emptied your pocket. HTH :smile:
  8. ^thanks, I´ll check into Zara.
    ardneish, if you click onto the link for Lady M ´s thread you´ll get all the infos for the coats.
    They are Soia & kyo
  9. I like Feyem coats which are made in Italy. I have two that are down but still stylish. I got them in the US on sale at 50% off so the price was not too bad, maybe $300/$400 USD. I see lots of great Italian coats on sale in NY, maybe its the cold wether in the alps? I would think there would be a great selection in Europe.
  10. I live in Belgium and I bought a coat similar to those in the pic last year from the brand 'essentiel'.

    Also "patrizia pepe" has amazing coats. Very classy but with a modern edge.
  11. i bought two winter coats last year, but that was the first time in aaaages i found anything i liked. one was a short of cocoon shaped and bell sleeved one by carin wester, it's a bit thin for the coldest days but with that sort of shape you can fit a big sweater (or two!) underneath. the other was an april77 peacoat and that was plenty warm enough for denmark as well.

    illum had a really good selection last year, so i'd look there. storm had some nice ones as well, some of them really expensive but also some more reasonable.
  12. Burberry London has really nice coats (aside from trenches) but they are around € can shop online at their site...They are really good investment pieces:heart:
  13. Hi! I'm a southern europe gal.... but I see all of you advice brands I know and appreciate, so I'm adding my opinion :smile:
    I would add Fay to the list.. (of the Tod's group). They produce casual jackets, but also nice coats. If you look at their website,
    I loooove the red coat!!!

    Anyway the quality of Max Mara coats is the best if you're looking for a long term, classic coat to be used for years :yes:
  14. Hej Annanas !!! Tak for replying ! I know the brand april77, I´ll look into it, and go to Illum next time I´m in KBH.

    Pinkgoldfish I was also thinking of checking out Patrizia Pepe , bc I def. like the style ! classy with an edge that´s right.I just need to find a store that propose more than 1 of her collection !

    iSpot I looked at Burberry, and they are indeed gorgeous good investment, but a bit too classic for me right now.

    Babi, I like Fay, their shops are only in Italy apparently !

    My list of brands to look for is growing and I hope I can find them next time I go shopping ! thanks-
  15. I see... you could find something on (also if I don't understand if they're the same models).
    I had a look to NAP... do you like this? A bit over budget, but looks nice: