European Friends...Help...Louis Vuitton Sprouse Leopard Scarf

  1. Decided that I must have the leopard print LV Sprouse scarf for my b-day...

    Style number is M72215...original US retail price is $590 (I believe)... is sold out in it available in Europe???

    Thank you!
  2. Ummmm.... if you have a good SA, ask him/her to check for you and order one in. Otherwise, isn't speaking to us just a waste of time? lol
  3. I am going to Europe next week...I would love to have one before I leave if n/a in Europe...if available in Europe, I will look for one on my travels...

    Sold out in US? Are they sold out in Europe as well?
  4. I saw one in Paris but that was 2 months ago
  5. I was on the WL for a while for that scarf, but Europe didn't get that many and they were sold out within few days. So I didn't get ahold of one. I was at LV yesterday and my SA told me that there is none left in Europe.

  6. Axewoman...Thank you for the recent s/o confirmation! I thought that might be the case...