European exchanges in the United States

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  1. Bonjour! Could anyone please help? I'm in Paris and am buying the favorite pm in damier ebene but am unsure if I want to exchange it for a different canvas when I return to the states. I am getting differing information from sales associates as to whether or not a purse can be bought in Paris and exchanged in the united states? Two champs élysées associates said yes; one Montaigne associate said no. The website says "any Louis Vuitton store".

    Please help! I leave early tomorrow. Merci!
  2. I was always lead to believe you couldn't due to prices etc. I think you will struggle to be honest. The stores in the UK will not exchange an item purchased out with the UK even from just across the channel in France.
  3. I could be wrong - but I recall reading something about this situation a few months ago.
    You can't return for a refund in a different currency/country, but you CAN exchange.