European designer resale websites, list

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  1. OK, tried most of them and thought others might be interested (some of us are in Europe and a few of the sites are also allowing people from the US) so I give a bit of a run down, as I have been trying to work my way through my converted attic that was my walk in wardrobe and I do not want to carry everything with me when we move countries...

    Since we are going move in the near future (Brexit) and my job makes me attend a lot of red carpet events, etc., I accumulated a lot of designer clothes, to sell on eBay is not worth it, because of the amount of professional scammers. I had someone who claimed after receiving item was not as described, of course the free return from eBay (at my expense) was automatically granted and what I got back were not Prada Vernice Shadow Pumps but worn-out sneakers, no name. My request to eBay was an exercise in futility because I did not film how I opened the package, so can not prove the buyer has just ripped me off ... learned the lesson and looked at other sites, however, the percentages charged and the service those sites offer is quite different and I thought I put together how much the seller gets, to make things easier, I used articles that are selling on the sites for 150…

    On the site 150
    For you 123 (minus taxes paid by HEWIT minus PayPal fee and exchange rate - note HEWI doesn’t inform you in advance that you pay for their taxes too, it is a surprise they spring on you)
    Shipping must be paid in advance and will be refunded if the item is retained

    Vide dressing
    On the site 150
    For you 127.5
    Shipping is usually refunded at only 7.80, but must be insured almost all buyers are in France, so shipping is much more expensive

    Joli Closet
    On the site 150
    For you 127.5
    Free shipping, however, if the item does not correspond to the description, the return and postage itself must be paid and is about 18 Euros

    On the site € 150
    For you: € 97.00
    Shipment free, return of rejected items also free, but the waiting time may take months until you get your item back and often not how you sent it

    Vestiaire Collective
    On the site: 150 €
    For you: 96 €
    Free shipment, return of rejected items also free, return is fast

    Couture community
    On the site: 150
    For You: 97.5
    Free shipment, return of rejected items must be paid for, to transfer from abroad with exchange rate of the UK carries

    Since my stuff is all real and I hate fakes (like almost everyone who used to work in fashion, but that's another topic) I like sites where the items are checked and you do not have to deal with buyers directly, who use the sites to “borrow” items for events and return them stained, or psycho buyers who think they might be a size 6 when in reality they might be more of a 16.

    HEWI was the first site I discovered, and it really always depends on who's doing the job, some things are rejected, supposedly not relevant enough, whatever, but if you can believe Glassdoor, the staff are underpaid and total exploited and bullied, so no wonder if they are not in the mood to photoshop the first photo.
    Problem, the covert cost and since you send to buyers directly without a check, so you deal with psychos, you must always specify the size of the items as per label, even if the cut comes extremely small or large, that comes then in the description and the dimensions. I sold a DvF dress and specified the US size with country indication and gave the measurements, some doofus claimed it was a UK size despite the fact that DvF only uses US sizes, surprisingly HEWI backed me up, the dear "lady" buyer’s retaliation was giving me the worst rating possible, bringing my rating totally down… Oh joy ... Seriously, there are quite a few inches between an US size 6 and a UK 6, I think she might have had a magic mirror that told her she will fit into a US 6 (which would be a UK 10). Then there are the people who order and then claim it was not as described, return the goods (2x shipping) and the clothes were really ordered for an event and the new dress comes with sweat stains and is dirty ... Lately their service has gotten better and HEWI pays more attention but for ages they simply ignored emails completely.
    Number of photos you can upload 10
  2. Vide Dressing:
    Ignore their offers about specially featured, part of the promotion, checked by them, it only costs you and it really doesn’t help a thing, unless of course you are Vide. Also the buyers have 48 hours time starting the day after they received an item to decide if they want to keep it or send it back… You only get part of the sending costs and for me it is simply not worth it, so far a an expensive silk chiffon evening dress that was over 3K and worn once was returned with ketchup stains, the buyer complained it had holes, so after sending Vide pictures of the dress without holes but with stains, they said I should send it again, since it was with metal embroidery, the sending was expensive, the 2nd time she simply didn’t accept it, it was returned to me, I had a totally worthless dress as the stains will not ever come out, paid postage twice and have no money, Vide told me I got the dress back… They really do not seem to care at all.
    Number of photos you can upload 8

    Joli Closet
    Personally I haven’t sold anything on it yet but 2 friends did and they said it was very easy, they got the pre paid postage sent, brought it to the post office, it went through the check and was sent to the buyer and 2 weeks later they had their money without hassle or problems. I think once it gets better known it will possibly be a fabulous website and a hub for people buying and selling. They are also super responsive to mails and comments. In all honestly, really really like the site, due to their lower percentage I list much lower than on sites where they charge between 30 and 40%, I honestly don't know why it is so slow.
    Number of photos you can upload - unlimited

    Loved that site when they started out, now I think it is possibly one of the worst sites ever, think about every hassle you ever had with VC and multiply by 10. I don’t know why they really took such a dive, but the service is horrendous, arrogant, they do not respond to mails and ignore everybody (apart from taking one of the biggest commissions for really not giving you any customer support) if you call you speak to a bored staffer who tells you it is not her problem, a different department. They only allow 5 pictures and the website is so bad, the pictures load up in random order, sometimes they only use 1 or 2 pictures, and the 1st picture is an item from the back, sometimes without an apparent reason, they decline pictures, if you ask why - well, do not expect an answer, ever. It is one thing to be totally uninterested but selling is their business, so they should actually WANT to display an item to advantage… Their quality check is random, if the person is in a bad mood or possibly hung over, items get rejected, also their “experts” aren’t able to identify items sometimes if you do not have the original package, even if you mention that you do not have it, or they see patterns as stains.
    Another thing is, they are so clueless and have no idea between cheaper lines and black labels, their new invention is that the website gives you the price of an item new, it’s totally off the mark, but heaven knows that I would love to buy a black label Vera Wang ball gown for 500, oddly enough they couldn’t tell me in which universe…
    A very annoying problem are the bored kiddies on there, they try to get high end stuff for 50 and will try and hammer you with ridiculous price offers, if you decline, they often pretend to buy it and pay with bank transfer, so your item disappears for up to 10 days, then it goes back on sale and kiddie does the same again, and you get a note that they would now like to buy it for 50 before the season is over… You can imagine how much fun that is with summer or winter clothes…
    The other thing that bugs me, about the moody and clueless “checks” is that they sometimes remove labels, possibly not on purpose but simply by being careless and then return the item, if you complain, you get no answer (why would they deem you worthy of an answer, you only make them money), if you call they claim they do not remove labels, how odd, if you send items with a label and they get returned without one, something seems “off”. If you mind the price gouging on VC, same with Rebelle, only with the totally clueless people who always assume you are selling the cheapest line of a designer (and hey, there are a few thousand difference between Simply Very and the black label Vera Wang), if you pack your item very carefully and pad it, and some of the padding clings to the item, they don’t give it a shake, they return it.
    From my fave website it has turned to AVOID, I would only recommend it if you want to sell items for less than a chain store item fetches on eBay. Great advertising, horrendous service, they had a bunch of venture capitalists investing and from there on it went totally wrong, like a bunch of clueless kids trying to mess up something good.
    Pictures allowed 5 (if they upload all 5 you are lucky and they had a good day)

    Vestiare Collective
    Not really a fan for several reasons, one is the quality control, if people complain about fakes, it harms the reputation and less people are buying, plus they try to push your price down to the absolute minimum, a number of high end designer items I ended up selling on other sites simply because they were totally out of order and I was not in the mood to argue with them. Usually their checking is OK (I don’t have fakes so not worried about anything being rejected on that front) but sometimes they seem to be totally stressed out and I once received an item back where they complained it had holes, it was brand new and embroidery Anglais, a bit different to holes…. A friend got her sunglasses back but sadly with one sense missing… Since they were Chanel, it did hurt…
    In general OK, but sometimes too much hard work to bother with them and hearing that people got fakes or damaged stuff, dents the reputation so you sell less.
    Pictures allowed - unlimited

    Couture Community
    Uploaded a few things, until they get around to send them live, I usually have sold them on another site, they charge a fairly high commission, like the big players but seem to be more of a bit player, seems to be the vanity project of a WAG or something like that, because really there aren’t many items and they are totally unresponsive, slow to upload and have a tiny selection. They claim to ship to 55 countries but that might be a possibility but more wishful thinking. The website is buggy, uncomfy to list, they charge a commission that is up with VC and Rebelle and offer very little for it (especially in terms of buyers), they do claim that you can be paid via PayPal, which would have been interesting for a few friends abroad given the bank charges for transfers from GBP to USD or Euros, but again, they never replied to messages via the website, a direct message was finally answered with (and my name spelled wrong, love a bit of detail to attention)
    “Thank you for your mail
    You cannot change the payment option as the buyers pays CC, not the
    Seller and then CC pays the Seller
    CC only pays Sellers via bank transfer. Paying via PayPal is not an option”

    OK, but then why claim on your website and in your terms of service that you do? And if you can't figure out how to do PayPal payments (which you advertise in your TOS), should I really trust you with high end fashion items? Seriously?
    Pictures allowed - unlimited

    Hope I haven't bored you, but figured there might be more people who sell their stuff or buy some stuff online, so I figured it might be worth giving people an overview, so the slugging through my wardrobe over the last 2 years wasn't totally for nothing, at least got some experience from it.
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