European Choo sales

  1. For those of you that haven't gotten a card, I just got a note in my postbox that the Choo sale will start on the 27th.

    I am SORELY tempted to buzz over to London for the day, if only there'd be new SS08 stock. :graucho: But, I can't come up with a good enough excuse to convince DH why I or we HAVE to go. :lol:
  2. Uh, oh. I bet that shimmer patchwork python Radiant is calling at least two names, eh robynbenz?

    Hmmm, how much is a flight to London? :graucho: :rolleyes: :sweatdrop:
  3. Yep, I got my invite a couple of days ago, I won't be able to make it due to other comittments. :crybaby:
  4. :hysteric: Stop that Jburgh :hysteric:

    I think DH will only allow ONE Trans-Continental flight for a BAG, per decade:sad:

    It's your turn to drag DH on a impromptu vacation to fetch our Sneaky Snake :sneaky: Bags :yes:
  5. Jburgh tell DH you need to visit a friend in UK (insert reason here) and crash at mine. Then I'll crash at yours and stalk Robyn on the golf course.
  6. Great Idea :tup: riffraff:wlae:

    I'm all for that idea!

    I think I just read we here in MN have the best golf courses in the US:confused1: I don't know if I would go that far, but we do have some nice ones!
  7. I got the biggest shock when I got back to the UK after learning to play golf in Portugal. No grass ranges!! :wtf:
  8. C'mon Mrs. Mertz....butter up the DH :drinkup:, get the Lederhosen out of the dry cleaners and off you go!

    Can you imagine taking these trips for every sale, every new season, every new exotic that won't ship to the US that comes out?

    Mr. Mertz may end up using those lederhosen to tie cement shoes to you and tossing you into one of the millions of lakes you all have out there! :death:

  9. OKAY Stinker so glad you're back with us.... (I think)

    When I just read your post to DH, you should have seen the look I received :hs: (I love using the horsey)

    No, this time, I'm leaving the Trans-Atlantic flight & the lederhosen to Mr. Ricardo & Lucy :sneaky:
  10. ^^My road has been a bit bumpy lately but I'm trying to stay positive and remind myself that my problems pale in comparison to so many others out there. :sad:

    So, if you can't beat ' least don't let 'em take your sense of humor away! :p
  11. Thanks for the info, _bella_. How about sales on the JC site, is it the same date you think? I'd love to visit London in spring. How about a Choo meet there, anyone? Stinkerbelle, powerhugs from Finland.
  12. i don't know you well , stinkerbelle, but i'm sorry to hear this.:sad: and i completely agree...positive thinking and maintaining your wonderful humor will def help get you to a better place....:tup: (((hugs!))) from me to you!:heart:
  13. Thanks guys! Feeling sorry for myself will not change the situation so I decided to just let whatever is going to happen....happen.

    Besides....I still believe in Santa Claus and maybe everything will work out after all! :tup:
  14. And at the end of the day you can come and make up a story about a deserted island and what SS08 things you need to survive there.....You've got a great sense of humor, and a great attitude. :flowers:
  15. We :heart: LOVE :heart: you Stinkerbelle!