European Chanel lovers.. please help with prices.

  1. I'm looking into Chanel bags and i like a few. I would really like to know some euro prices for the bags i'm considering and it doesn't matter in what country you are. I'm considering:

    Classic medium flap in caviar
    East west in caviar
    The gst and pst
    jumbo classic flap in caviar

  2. Hi there!

    In Switzerland, the medium classic flap is around 2400 Swiss Francs and in France it's about 1420 Euros.

    I just forgot whether the prices are for caviar or lambskin, but definitely for the same leather this is the price comparison.
  3. thank you
  4. The medium classic in lambskin is 1600€ so the caviar will be about 1450€
    The e/w is 1100€.
    These are the prices in Germany but I guess they're similar to other EU countries.