european body brands

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  1. i am in europe right now and I see all of these creams everywhere for the body - fat reducing, cellulite, etc, do any of these work. Are there any brands that you reccommend
  2. I'm using Chanel right now and I'm quite happy :tup:.

    Biotherm is another good brand (I used it for a while but switched to Chanel... I'm always looking for the "miracle cream" LOL). I heard that Collistar has also a good line for the body.

    And I read great reviews about the good ol' L'Oreal anti-cellulite (with rollers for massaging the legs).

    Hope this helps...
  3. Nivea is a good all round brand, their goodbye cellulite is supposed to be really good, meant to get this last week but got a £4 off voucher :biggrin: lol so im off to buy it tonight

  4. Tried it last year, no results whatsoever :tdown: Good luck and pls let us know the results!!!
  5. I'm weary of all of the creams that say "BLAST AWAY CELLULITE!" and "4 inches gone in 4 days!" or something along those lines...
  6. ^^ Likewise! I'm more than a little sceptical that anything you apply topically could get rid of cellulte
  7. the french magazine " 60 millions de consommateurs"
    (free magazines) do a test with different cellulites cream
    - 1rst place :
    VICHY LIPOCURE ( you can buy in drugstore)
    - second place :
    DIADERMINE Body perfect minceur ( in spermarket)
    - 3 place :
    NIVEA body good bye cellulite (in supermarket)

    In 2004 and 2005 , they do the same test
    and the winner was VICHY LYPOSINE

    I will take a picture of the magazine , sorry it's in french
  8. [​IMG]

    hope this will help you
    i think it's a very interresting article
    Ok you will not lost all your cellulite, but the skin look better, and you can lost one inch
    great for genous, thighs, buttocks and belly
    and what i have learn, that the better is not especially the most expensive ....
  9. Jeanne Piaubert /Paris/

    Real good stuff. I'm using lifting cream.