europe, italy!!

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  1. the italian prime minister (he is of the coalition of the right, conservative) said that who will vote for the coalition of the left,'liberal', the 10th of april is a d***head, an idiot :blink:
    this man is crazy!!!!!!!!
  2. :lol: :lol: :lol:
    sorry, but i had to laugh!:amuse: Did he actually say that in public???
  3. I gather this is what one of the girls told me of recent problems in Italy. Have there always been problems with the government there? My grandparents were from the Naples area, but I never was old enought to talk politics with them!
    I basically gathered they liked their life better here, but that might be due to the fact that they were not from the most well to do part of Italy and they had a little more opportunity here.
    Being an Italian/american girl, I would say there are quite a few of us known for dramatics, though. Growing up in my family, I tended to just laugh off the drama, it almost had an entertaining quality to it. Especially when my older conservative uncle would get on my younger liberal cousin's case about every political issue on earth. It always made for interesting dinner time conversation. I was the youngest, so I tended to stay quiet and just laugh to myself.
    I hope only the best for Italy and would like to go this year and see where my grandparents actually came from.
  4. the major problems we've had them with this prime minister: berlusconi. by the way, he was trialed in court and has something like 90 processes going on.... he probably should be inprison but he is too know how things go in the world.
    yes darelgirl, he said these words....and when he goes in tv shows instead of talkin about his political program che says horrible thinks about his 'enemies' and he talks about stalin and lenin saying that comunists wants to rule italy!!
  5. I am not surprised that Berlusconi said such a thing! I hope Prodi beats him this time...

  6. let's just hope a lot of d***heads are available that day. :nuts: :biggrin:
  7. devoted: you are right!!

    nini:Pray for us!!!
  8. nini: pray for us!!!

    devoted: yeah you are right:nuts:
  9. Wasn't he the one who said that the Communist Chinese killed babies and used them as fertilizer or something like that, in an attempt to attack the Communist Party in Italy? Now I know the Chinese don't have the best human rights record but that was just way too far-fetched and offensive. :P
  10. yes he said that:lol: