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  1. ok so i've heard tons of stories about designer items being cheaper in europe. I've been in rome for a couple days and i do not see anything cheaper - even after vat tax. People say i need to ask the locals where to go, but any tips on that? Also are there are good brands that are cheaper in europe than in the states? I am going to be all over Europe and possible France so locals please give me advice :smile:
  2. Will you have time to go to the outlets about 45 min from Florence? They have all the favs: Prada, Gucci, Armani, Fendi, D&G, Celine, Lowe, YSL, etc...
  3. I WILL! Please, give me address or the name of this place?! :nuts:
  4. Here are the 2 I've visited:

    and the other is:

    The Mall,
    Europa 8,
    Leccio - Reggello
    Tel 055 8657775
    Open: Mon - Sat 1000 - 1900 and Sun 1500 - 1900
    Outlet stores include; Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent, Loro Piana, Giorgio Armani, and Bottega Veneta.
  5. ^WOW..where are these outlets>?Ill be in Sorrento Italy in
  6. aarrrgghh!!just got back from italy and was soooooo close!!shame i didnt see this thread earlier!!
  7. Ladies keep in mind that the Euro is almost 2 times the dollar , so you are actually paying double for most of these so called sale items. If you really want the true bargains hit your local Filen's Basement or Norsdrom Rack which are full or desiner goods at very cheap prices.
    I know this from experience , since i usually go to Europe several times a year and except for some cute artisan items i don't even bother with bargain shopping.

    But having said that, you can find a lot of designer purses namely Prada and Chanel which are not available in the US.
  8. The only place you'll really do well at the moment at the outlets because of the strength of the euro and the pound against the dollar.

    The outlets are definitely worth a hit!
  9. I am curious where can you find cheaper Chanel in Europe? I mean what countries etc...
  10. What are you after?
  11. Sorry should read before posting :shame:

    I've found Chanel is cheaper in France than the UK so should be good for US buyers who can get a tax refund too
  12. that's not true, the pound isn't even twice the dollar anymore. a euro today is 1.34 dollars.

    mooks is right, chanel is cheapest in france. always cheapest in europe (except perhaps in the canaries where there is no VAT but i don't know if they have a chanel boutique), but i guess compared to anywhere else it depends on the exchange rate.
  13. Code:
    Ladies keep in mind that the Euro is almost 2 times the dollar , so you are actually paying double for most of these so called sale items. 
    I agree with annanas.

    for example:
    this Gucci bag ('abbey' medium hobo )

    costs in USA: 725 dollar (= 539 euro)
    in France: 480 euro (= 645 dollar)

    so the difference in price = 80 dollar more in USA.

    but like annanas said: pay attention to the exchange rate.