Europe Shopping: Italy Edition

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  1. Hi All,

    I'm traveling to Italy in a few months specifically Milan and Florence, what brands or specific locations would you suggest shopping at that is most worth it.

    1. Handbags
    2. Shoes
    3. Clothes
    4. Outerwear
    5. Others
    Thank you! :smile:
  2. i LOVE Luisa Spagnoli .. I know there is one in Milan and I am sure Florence.

    In Florence, check out the "flea/free market".. it is VERY nice.. I got a beautiful leather coat when I went about 11 years ago and i STILL get compliments on it
  3. You can't go wrong in any of the malls in Milan. They are huge and amazing. I bought a fendi from one of their stand alone stores and it was a great experience. There's another Italian brand called valextra which are quite nice and handmade.
  4. I just came from my first in-store high end shopping experience ever. And it happened to be in Milan. I'd attempted at a few stores in the States but the associates were always too snobbish for me to consider giving them a single cent in commissions.
    At Fendi and Chanel, I made purchases and the sales associates were nice and helpful even before they figured out I was spending. I will attach a photo of their cards. [​IMG]

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  5. Please share what you found! Love to see.
  6. If you're in Florence for awhile, make sure to check out "The Mall" (that's the outlet). Lots of big name designer for discounted prices. My favorite stores were probably Prada/Miu Miu and Gucci. They had the largest space and lots of sale items. Last time I was there, I was able to score classic pump styles for about 130 EURO each.
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    Luisa Spagnoli also is in Bologna, a great shopping city. Agree it's a great brand and shopping experience.

    In Florence, the Scuola di Cuoio (an actual leather working workshop) next door to Santa Croce is a must see if you like the woven Bottega Veneta-type leather goods, as well as more individual designs. It's kind of quirky to access because it's part of the church grounds. And check out a small local bag brand in Florence called Ottino, very nice craftsmanship.
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    I went there with a purpose: buy the bag, try the shoes, and a LV scarf. Came back with the bag, the shoes (chanel espadrilles, black leather), and a Fendi scarf/shawl [​IMG]
    I don't love the pink writing, but I'm hoping that wears off long before the scarf wears out: so I can just have a nice, large, black scarf with a little unique interest.


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  9. Nice, thanks for sharing!
  10. I always check out Furla's collections when in Italy. Nice work and quality, not too pricey.

    In Tuscany there's a lot of quality cashmere and leather products which do not bear any significant label, they are usually sold in smaller shops.
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  11. The space outside of Florence. Worth the cost of the cab
  12. Check out Corso Como in Milan for high end bargains, lovely cafe and lifestyle store there too.

    Also D&D Firenze for amazing shoes and bags etc.
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