Europe prices vs US?

  1. I'm going to Europe in Sep, and thinking about the Indy chocolate guccissima bag. I know that despite the rising euro against the dollar, LV is cheaper in France when you convert the french prices into USD, and esp considering that those french prices include VAT already.

    When I peeked on one of the european gucci sites, the indy bag was 1630 euros, which translates to $2,200 by today's fx rates! It's only $1,990 on the US site! Is it actually more expensive for me to buy it in Europe than here?

    I'm not that familiar with how this works, any help would be really appreciated.

    Thanks! :flowers:
  2. When you factor in having to pay tax on the bag here and getting the VAT back there, it will probably be about $100 less there, although you may have to pay customs coming in.
  3. Just got back from Italy last week. Did a lot of shopping, I felt it defenetly worked out cheaper there.I bought a Tods for 600 EUR and I got back EUR69 back for VAT. It costed me almost $700 finally. The bag here was $900. I bought a LV speedy for EUR 420 but got back VAT EUR 50. So finally I ended up paying $500. Speedy here costs $595 plus tax which is $630. Its defenetly cheaper in Europe. You do not have to pay customs as long as you are US citizen they are allowed to bring home upto $1000 without duty. BUT make sure you get your VAT customs refund before you leave Europe. It cannot be done once you arrive in US. Thats the only glitch. Hope this helps.
  4. Thanks so much!
  5. i am goin to italy dis october could u tell me how mch wld a gucci canvas shoulder bag cost me at a outlet apprx and also are the interlock logo belts available at outlets ?