Europe April 2007. Wherelse can i go? :)

  1. hey guys. i've been to Europe 4x already and next year April 2007 im going back again.:yahoo: What other places can you suggest where i should go next? My family is planning to go to Russia, Turkey, Prague, Switzerland, Monaco, Germany and Venice again.

    Here are the places that i've been to...

    Germany- Frankfurt, Bavaria, Munich
    Netherlands- Amsterdam
    Italy- Rome, Florence, Venice
    Greece- Athens
    France- Paris
    Portugal- Lisbon, Sintra

    any suggestions?? :yes: my dad has to fix this trip ASAP coz he needs to get A LOT of visa's which will take a long time..:yes:
  2. How about Spain - Madrid is amazing, I loved it and the tapas is to die for, plus the nightlife is legendary. I've also heard that Barcelona is just as good. The south of spain has some amazing mountain ranges (reminds me of California actually) and if you go south go to Granada - you can ski and then go to the beach (again-like Calif!) plus the Alhambra really is worth a visit. It is the most dream like moorish palace sat on the hill overlooking the city - it is BEAUTIFUL (and romantic if you have your other half in tow!). I also like Cordoba, Seville and Ronda. Avoid Torremolinos and Marbella/Malaga are very touristy and to my mind not as interesting as the other cities.

    If you come back to England (my home country) Scotland and Edinburgh are fantastic, or go to the west country and do some surfing in Cornwall, plus a look around Bath which is a stunning Georgian city.Plus you can visit the Mulberry factory(just outside Bath) and get yourself a Roxanne at a knock down price! What more could you want!!

    Hope these are helpful suggestions - just the places I like!
  3. i actually wanted to go to Spain but my family had been there 2x already and they don't want to go back there just for me. (how selfish right?? hahaha!!). yeah, speaking of england, i want to go back there.. one of my favs.:graucho: thanks for the suggestions! :smile:

  4. there are sooo many other places in italy..
    whats that island called thats all beach? sordinia or something?? not crete.. i forget err.. but go there.. mwaha
  5. How long is the trip you're going on??

    Since you're going to be in Monaco, why don't you do Nice and Aix-en-Provence? Or other parts of Southern France.

    Budapest is close to Prague, I enjoyed that when I was there. One trip I did was Budapest, Prague and Vienna.

    The island that barbie is trying to think of is Sardinia. You can do the Italian islands or Southern Italy, like Napoli and Sicilia, Capri, Positano, etc... but I don't know when i the spring you're going, I'd wait til like end of may/june before going there.
  6. have you been to amsterdam? its not all its made out to be..
  7. I'm not sure what you want to experience out of Bavaria, but if you want to visit some lovely little towns that really SHOW Bavaria (instead of big cities that are all hussle bussle) I'd suggest (now, htese are the ones in my region, I don't know anything else about the rest of Bavaria):

    Coburg (they have a lovely downtown and a big castle on a hill!)
    Wuerzburg (fun, lots of tourists in the summer, the festung is nice to tour, as are many of the churches in Wuerzburg)
    Nuremberg (lots of shopping and sight seeing to do there!)
    Wertheim Villiage (an outlet shopping center on the A3 coming out of Frankfurt in the direction of Nuremberg)
    Erlangen (also very nice, somewhat of a large city, good shopping and sight seeing)
    Bamberg (very old small-city, lovely architecture, old rathaus, nice shopping, and nice downtown area)
    Prichsenstadt (where I live!! It's a very small town that dates back to like the...1500s or something. Lots of tourists here all year round. All cobblestoned streets, old houses, great restaurants, and if you do a Stadtfuerung, you'll get lots and lots of info!)

    ...Dunno what your'e really interested in! I love to sight see and shop when I'm vacation :biggrin:

    ...That's all I can really think of for now.
  8. I suggest yo go to the south-east of France towards Avignon-then Nice-Cannes, take the boat to Corsica the "Island of beauty" it´s a French island, with beautiful old villages influenced by Italy and French cultures, beautiful beaches with turquoise water, and mountains, and pink rocks, and water falls and wild pigs.
    Or what about Scandinavia ? Copenhagen in Denmark is a fabulous capital, very cool and friendly people, breath taking architecture, you´ll discover the land of "The little mermaid" from Andersen, and the land of modern design. And Norway ? the fjords on the west coast are fabulous
  9. Scandinavia! The shopping in Copenhagen is wonderful, you get what you want without everything being big and itimidating, and the people and the atmosphere there is wonderful. And yeah, Norway should definately be visited too, Oslo and the west coast is the best places to go there. If you're lucky, you might even see the scream at the Munch museum again.
  10. my trip will just be 2 weeks.. i don't think we could go to a lot of beaches or something because my dad wants to go there during summer time in europe. but thanks for the suggestions.:smile:

  11. yes, i went to amsterdam just this April 2006 and i like it. ;)
  12. Prague definitely:yes: Go to Scotland!! Love that place:love:
  13. hey. i think you misunderstood me.. hehe! i've been to Bavaria just last April/ May 2006. its so beautiful and REALLY cold when i went there.
  14. Vienna! What a fabulous city! palaces, museums, great strolling scenery, great food, beautiful churches, all that Wiener Werkstatte design and architecture. I loved it.
  15. I'm in a similar situation too! DH and I are taking another trip to Europe, but we'll be there 3 weeks in May. I've been to similar places to you, but we decided to explore areas more closely - I've been to the big 3 in Italy, but we're planning on spending more time in the Tuscany area, then down to the Amalfi Coast, Positano, Capri and Sicily.

    I totally agree with Austria, which I love, and also the south of France is nice. I prefer it when it's a bit warmer though. Swtizerland is also very pretty too.