1. I did a seach in this forum but didn't find a thread about this site

    Do you know if this site sell auth. handbags?

    Thanks for your help!:tup:
  2. Fakes..sorry
  3. Thought so! Thanks for your help!
  4. No Problem ;)
  5. Hi! I need to know if is selling some authentic bags...Kinda confused! They sometimes state authentic, sometimes saying their bags of the best quality...
  6. Very fake :tdown:
  7. thx:tup::yahoo: so much
  8. Has anybody in the Uk made purchases from the company Eurohandbag?

    I am trying to find out about the shipping system and if anyone has had any problems with orders.
  9. i think they sell fakes! booo hiss!
  10. Eurohandbag specialise in making replica handbags, I wondered if anyone had bought a bag from them? They certainly look good, and the photographs of their replica bags are of their bags not the original. Am thinking of buying a Mulberry Emmy bag from them.
  11. Oh NO! TPF won't buy a REPLICA bag ! I am so sorry
  12. sorry, I am not so good reading english, but do I read correctly, that you will buy a bag you know is fake, this I don`t understand - this is a waste of your money. :wondering