1. Has anyone bought anything from this site?

    Euro Bella Collections

    Are their bags authentic? Thanks in advance :smile:
  2. DEF. FAKE FAKE FAKE FAKE FAKE !!!! :sad: Big warning flag!!
  3. I'm so glad I asked!! Thank you!
  4. Stay away from them! They're FAKES!
  5. so are they real/fake? anyone have great authentic sites minus the usuals? thanks for the help ladies!
  6. mmm nevermind im thinking fakey fakey fakey and me no likey....
  7. Just curious- anyone ever purchased from Euro Bella Collections?
    The prices just seem way, way to good.
    hmmmm....what do you all think?
  8. It says that they are an internet only company, and that their corporate offices are in Italy-I'd google them and find out if they are a legit company. Their disclaimer concerns me.
  9. I love this sight!! Has anyone ever bought from or heard of Is this a legit sight?? I am looking for a black stam :yes: Thanks for the help!
  10. Thanks Melly...Ughh.. I can't believe how many fakes there are out there. It is insane!! I don't know what I would do without this site;)
  11. wow, great link, melly! thank you!! :P
  12. That's tpf member Greendrv's site! :yes:
  13. Does anyone have any info on this website? Authentic or rip off?
  14. fakes