Euro to USD

  1. I'm going to Portugal this summer and may consider purchasing an LV item but don't know if it's worth it compared to here in the US.

    Does anyone know the Euro price to the Damier Speedy 25/Cles/Agenda's?


    I know the currency is a twat right now so I may even end up losing money & also, how does that VAT tax thing work so I don't have to pay their tax, it's like 20something% from what I know.:crybaby:
  2. euros will be cheaper than dollars. not sure about the tax thing but you should be able to claim it back. the LV in lisbon is v nice, only one in the country though so if you arent going there then dont build your hopes up too much. its a nice BIG store though if you are going.
    hope you enjoy your trip. portugal is fab.
  3. Yes it is fab, thanks, I was born there. :smile: I have 4hrs to kill at the airport so why not ;)

  4. the tax is included in the price, and you can get a part of the tax back at the airport.. it's at least 10% i think..
    not sure how much it exactly is
    but they'll tell you at the shop ;)
    have fun there!