Euro Prices of New LV Bags are Out!

  1. :yes: The France site has the prices already available:

    Cabas Innsbruck/Whistler (V Suede Document Bag) - Euro1600
    Cabas Courverture Vail (Red/Grey Wool Document Bag) - Euro1,200

    Carryall Insnsbruck/Whistler (V Suede Luggage Bag/Pharrell bag) - Euro3000
    Grimaud Courveture Vail (Grey Wool Luggage Bag) - Euro1,900
    Sirius Courveture Vail (Red Wool Luggage Bag) - Euro1800

    Monogram Satin - about Euro1,100 to Euro1,200 (cant recall exactly).
  2. Mmm.. pricey, but so fab.
  3. :wlae: