euro hits all time high

  1. Hello all
    I was riding in the elevator today and saw a headline that the euro has hit an all time high. With this bad news for us in the US travelling to paris in a few weeks (me:sweatdrop::crybaby:) I was wondering if it is still less expensive to buy a bag in paris and get back the tax even with the horrible exchange rate? I don't know if I should even bother to tempt myself by going into hermes to look for my kelly if it is going to cost me more than it will in NY?

    thanks for everyone's thoughts!
  2. I ordered a birkin when I was in paris. I'm not sure how the final price will compare to if I'd bought it here...deduct VAT, add shipping, etc. But, I do know that it was MUCH easier to get the bag I wanted from the Paris store than it would have been stateside. so, if you can find the bag you really want, and figure you'll carry it for years, you can start amortizing the cost faster if you buy in paris.
  3. one more thought...not sure what kelly you're looking for, but if it's black box...I know someone who's been "on the list" for over a year in NYC still no bag!
  4. I completely agree about finding what you want. I am looking for a 28 cm rouge h kelly in chevre. If its there, I will take it but I am still curious about the price difference!
  5. In all liklihood with the VAT back, it still will be cheaper in France but with the dollar dropping the way it is, who knows?
  6. I think it still will be convinient to buy in Paris. Every time euro goes up, prices of H in the US go up too. So the difference will not change and you will have tax free...
  7. You will save little, if any. If you declare a 32 Kelly retourne in togo, for example, - and have it shipped - you can count on a bill from customs for approximately $500. If you get box, selllier, it will be higher, of course.

    That said, if you find the bag you want, I say grab it. In the long run, it's getting the Kelly that counts. Good luck with your quest!
  8. You will still save some money if you buy the bag in Paris, despite the exchange rate

    I purchased my Birkin in September (exchange rate was approximately
    US $1 = 1.41€ at the time) and I ended up saving around $700-$800. Mind you, the savings I had is after I received my VAT refund, and paid a 2% currency conversion fee through my credit card.

    Like Costa said earlier, when the price of the Euro goes up, the price of the bag in the US goes up the amount of savings you would have would be about the same.