1. Anyone see this new show in SCI-FI channel tonight..I was enthralled by it...REALLY funny and totally different than other types of shows!
    I loved the main actor..he was hot and funny..LOL..anyone like it too?
  2. ^^That looked so fun, but I missed it tonight...watching it in the future for sure, thanks for the rec:smile:
  3. I happened to catch the replay of this show from midnight to 2 on SciFi (on vaca this week). It is actually a good,fun SciFi show, alot of 'humor' in it. There are several character type actors in it that I recognize from other shows. I think the guy reminds me a bit of a blonde version of the plumber on Desperate Housewives. Anyhow, I plan to watch in the future.
  4. The main actor was in COnfessions Of A Sociopathic Social Climber.
  5. oooooo I TIVO'd it and will watch it Friday or Saturday. I thought it looked pretty good. :smile:
  6. HAha,I can't believe there's a thread for this, I was about to make a post for it but then thought to myself that no one probably watches the SCI-Fi channel...but was I wrong.LOL :lol:

    Anyways I watched the pilot eposide too and it's so good.I actually watched it because I met the girl who plays Colin Fergurson's daughter on the show.Her name is Jordon Hinson.It was the most random celebrity sighting ever and it happened in DisneyWorld.:lol:
  7. Oh I missed it!!! I meant to catch it tonight:crybaby: . So the show is promising? I LOOOVE the Scifi channel!
  8. the commercials looked intriguing, haven't seen it yet, but good to hear it's well-liked! Will have to check it out!
  9. Last post was in 2006? Eureka is awesome! I love it! Funny and refreshing. I've watched all 2 seasons and the ongoing 3rd season.

    I can't believe Nathan Stark was killed off!!

    He's absolutely HOT HOT HOT!

    And the bickering between him and Carter was what made the show so funny! :sad:
  10. I miss Nathan too! He was so Hot!!! And I actually liked him and Allyson together!
  11. ^^I agree!
  12. Then let's hope they're gonna "resurrect" Nathan... The show's still good without him, but just not as good :smile:

    No body -- not dead

    Let's hope so, girls! :biggrin:
  13. ^^^^ Yea lets hope so. Hey its TV anything can happen, plus its Eureka!
  14. Resurrecting this thread because the last season starts tonight. Very bittersweet! Hoping others on TPF will tune in!!!!!!
  15. I love this show! I think it is very underrated.